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  1. Yes, I have read that .there is less ridge milling on mine as well .On first viewing ,there is nothing about the coin that would make you think it is a fake ,except the colour and tone .under a lens ,there still isnt any real obvious signs of it being fake either .the only noticeable discrepency is a slight ridge round part of the rim on one side (possibly done when the milling was applied) Its a very well made counterfeit .
  2. If it is ,then it corresponds with the article .what would it do to the weight though .would it correspond with the slight weight difference or would there be more of a discrepancy?
  3. It does appear to have a slightly thicker rim .nothing really noticeable till you lay it side by side with an authentic one .
  4. It was quoted that his were made of nickel or German silver . from the article . The mention of machinery (rather than moulds) points to the likelihood that the method of manufacture was that used in another enterprise of the same James Steele, with Robert Ramsay, from 1927 to 1930—when they were detected through the superabundance of coins bearing the same date. Halfcrowns dated 1920 and 1921 were then made from nickel 'or German silver'; the charge was of having a puncheon, four dies, an electrotyping machine, a rolling machine, an edging machine, a charcoal stove, an annealing box, electro-plating tanks, frames, an hydraulic press, and an ejecting machine . . . 'These misdirected geniuses had perfected what was virtually a miniature Scottish Mint'.7 In the early nineteen-sixties this remained the only successful case in which counterfeiters had struck pressed sheet metal in the same manner as the Royal Mint.
  5. 13.6 grams .definite forgery , but is it one of James Steele's ?
  6. Was an interesting article ,He also counterfeited 1920 and 21 halfcrowns in 1927-30 .I have recently bought what I believe to be one of his counterfeits .The article doesn't say much about them except they were made from nickel .
  7. mick1271

    More Pennies

    I havn't got one yet .but I'm in no hurry .will let this one pass ....probably.
  8. mick1271

    More Pennies

    lower grade ones can easily be ignored , I have picked up a couple myself in the past .
  9. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Its going to stick out like a sore thumb now. a coin in that condition over a tenner .the views will go through the roof .
  10. mick1271

    More Pennies

    I stuck the 2nd bid ,so it appears on my main page .didn't last long lol
  11. mick1271

    More Pennies

    A date or even a reign for a hint would be nice . I cant see any other 1911 hollow necks with a bid , unless it is in a multiple lot.
  12. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Thanks Terry , I had a quick glance for open 3,s 1903 and hollow neck 1911's ,but missed that one .
  13. mick1271

    More Pennies

    A hint would be nice Bernie .there is a few on there lol
  14. mick1271


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  16. mick1271


    He had the pics up on FB ,I pointed him in this direction . I will try and find them and put them up
  17. mick1271

    Royal Mint Coin Collectors Albums

    the 2009 proof sets are going for £200-250 on ebay (checked recently ,cos I have one ). no idea of the value of the other folders .
  18. mick1271

    £2 Commonwealth Coin Help

    definitely a Northern Ireland .
  19. I just bought an 1858 shilling and found out it has unbarred A's in GRATIA and BRITANNIA .Is it a common error ? Bought as a slight upgrade to the one I had which has barred A's . Will post pics when I work out how to Lol
  20. It sounds like Davies would be the one to go for as my early milled are sporadic at best. My collection is mainly modern milled ,some are not the best condition ,but they are getting upgraded regularly .I will pm you Rob ,
  21. The other one I have of a lesser grade (with barred A's) appears to be the same dies as yours .Think I need to get a copy of Davies or ESC ,what would you recommend ?I already have Grooms .
  22. It's definitely a different reverse (the 1st 8 and 5 are different .The obverse may be the same ( the wear on mine makes it more difficult to confirm),but if I had to put money on it I would say they are different too .It seems odd that different dies of the same year would clog in the same places .