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    1937 half crown

    So It was you that outbid me in the last few seconds. I was the highest bidder for the last few days. You outbid me by £1

    Encased Farthings

    Just hope I can find some more, I keep looking. They do seem to be a bit thin on the ground. Do they come up in any of the major auction rooms at all. Below my only other wto I own at the moment.

    My Latest Acquisition

    I agree with you on that one, although like you it was bugging me with what a rang one I had and had to fill the gap. Now it's done and I can move on. I also need to fill a few more gaps 1951 and 1950 proofs also 1948 I can get one for £40 but not sure if this is too much, thinking on that one for now. I also have a 1939 but not sure if it needs to be upgraded what do you think picture below.


    Your not the only one
  5. Here is the penny in question just edited it a bit. Would you buy it now you can see the detail better.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Hi thanks for the comments. That sounds like a bargain to me. All the later sixpences from 1937 to 1967 I had completed some months ago the only ones I did not have in UNC was the 1941 and the 1952 although the 52 is not quite UNC it was sold to me as AUNC / UNC and feel that was about right. Now the cost was rather more than I wanted to pay. I bit the bullet and shelled out £65 for it. Some may say I have payed too much but I am happy with it and at least I will not have to keep hunting for it now. My net aim is to work back from 1930 to 1900 to fill the gaps I still need to fill on the sixpence collection.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Just a few more threepences and a couple of sixpences added to the collection for today.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Just a few Threepence upgrades for today.

    More Threepences

    I certainly will be careful with it. It's yours if your interested in it. PM me

    More Threepences

    Hi pete I don't really know why i bought them ??? Just an impulse buy I think. They were there I was there and they were cheap I have no other defence my lord. At least I can now experiment getting them out of the slabs just in case I get one I really do need to break out.

    More Threepences

    Hi I think its an optical illusion. I have broken the coin out of the slab and examined it closely and the letters are all the same size. Will work on the other slabbed coins tomorrow and take a closer look at them as well.

    More Threepences

    I agree with everything you say I bought these coins slabbed I can't see how they thought they would get through the grading process well at least two of them anyway. I'm with you on the 1898 it doesn't look that bad. I do plan to break them all out of their coffins at some stage. But thanks again for all your input just wanted to see if anyone would spot if they were cleaned or not.

    More Threepences

    Thanks for the comments. I will let you know that all of these were slabbed and rejected. The 1911 was for corrosion on the Obv, the 1898 was for being cleaned, and the 1877 was for also being cleaned.

    Michael Shut

    I have still got a roll any takers

    what to buy,

    I have only given good advice on buying the best you can afford. This is the wisdom that has been given to me from many ot the forum members when I first started to collect.
  16. Hi Peter welcome to the forum. Nice idea with what you are suggesting. I have a few coin sets of different Monarchs. I ask this question myself a month ago. A couple of dates and not too expensive 1935 George V set and the 1937 George VI the 1935 set has the art deco Rocking Horse Crown which is very nice.

    Small Coin Holders <18mm

    What are the actual sizes of the coins in question. That would help and I will do a search for you if that helps.

    Various pennies, 1891 - Decimalisation

    Yes please Pete will PM you

    Churchill Crown

    Hi all I am after a Churchill Crown. Don't all rush at once I need it for my Brother who wants it for a magic trick he is doing. I only want one, but please make it cheap as chips if you can please. condition is not that important. PM me if you can help at all thanks.

    Churchill Crown

    Thanks Pete will take a look.

    Various pennies, 1891 - Decimalisation

    Thanks Pete I thought you may have had more

    Various pennies, 1891 - Decimalisation

    Hi Pete if there are any left could I get the 1961 Penny please.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks for the input. Do you have any thoughts on the last 1898 3d . I am interested in getting some feedback on that one too if possible.

    My Latest Acquisition

    What junk you selling as I seem to be buying it regularly at this moment.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Thanks again for your help with this. Again forgetting first names I wish everyone would add their first names to there posts, I would then get them in my head. Any thoughts on my last coin images please.