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    Encased Farthings

    Two more elusive Encased Farthings acquired this week. First in EF+ condition and the second not so good about Fine, but still a nice find. 1953 Elizabeth II Encased Farthing "Speedwell Gear Case Co. Birmingham" 38mm 1937 George VI Encased Farthing “Grand Garage (Morecambe) Ltd” (J.R.Gaunt) 38mm

    1944 Brass Threepence What Happened

    Thanks, guys for the explanation very interesting. I thought it was something to do with when it was struck, shows how much I know Back to school for me then.
  3. Picked this up the other day and would like to know what has happened to this. Not come across anything like this before. I am sure one of you will give me the answer.

    1944 Brass Threepence What Happened

    It is thinner than a normal brass threepence and weighs 4.07 gms.

    Encased Farthings

    Another added to the collection. Not the best condition but Victoria 1886 my earliest one so far. The search still goes on from more of these. If anyone has any or finds any please let me know I am always interested in acquiring more

    My Latest Acquisition

    At last found a decent 1948 Brass Threepence for the collection at a fair price as well. Another gap filled.

    Encased Farthings

    Another added to the collection. Not the best and not that Hooper Struves is one that is more common than most of the others. Still hard to find in decent condition though.

    Why have coins never realised their full potential

    Didn't you think before then

    1953 Brass Threepence Obv

    Hi guys can anyone please confirm I have got the 1953 Brass Threepence two variations of Obv correct. I am still on a steep learning curve with variations, so am hoping I have this right. Obv 1 Obv 2

    new to coins


    1953 Brass Threepence Obv

    Yes, I sure am. Although I don't collect pennies I do have a few in coin sets. I would imagine it's far easier to spot variations on a much larger coin though. My problem is I am collecting the smaller coins sixpences, threepences, and farthings so identification is a lot harder I think. I also have the problem of what do I buy next having gaps in all the collections. I am finding it hard to choose sometimes when I find coins I need in each of the collections and only have funds for maybe 1 or 2 coins which to add too first. I wish I could stick to say one collection but as yet haven't been able to let go of the others and concentrate just say sixpences. It's really hard to choose what to drop if any.

    1953 Brass Threepence Obv

    I think you are right. Here is what I found about them from Declan,s Website. Obverse 1 was originally the scarcer of the two 1953 coins, as it was only found in the plastic sets, and 1.3 million of those were issued, compared to more than 30 million Obverse 2s. As circulation took its toll, and as more plastic sets were split, Obverse 1 gradually became commoner in high grade. It is now quite unusual to find an Uncirculated Obverse 2. Not Rare, by any means, but unusual. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I have now added the pictures to my website with details of what to look out for. I am really enjoying trying to find varieties on the coins I have.

    Encased Farthings Wanted

    As far as I can gather they were used as advertising pieces for the different companies and establishments. Although there were produced within the UK, they are far more popular within the USA. I am sure they were also produced as lucky coins as well. I have a few with "Good Luck From" printed on them.

    Encased Farthings Wanted

    Just wondering if any members have any Encased Farthings they would like to part with. I .am trying my hardest to put a collection together. Anything considered.

    10p a-z

    I have also joined the club bought mine when they first were advertised. Also bought the card case/holder to mount them in. Just one thing are these in circulation yet as I have not come across any in my change yet.

    Victoria 1888 Penny CGS Graded 82

    The 1888 Penny is now listed on eBay thanks for looking.
  17. If anyone is interested I am selling my Victoria 1888 Penny CGS Graded 82. Thought I would offer it here before listing on eBay open to offers please PM me. Coin Type PE.V1.1888.03 Origin Great Britain Description Penny Victoria 1888 Variety First I in VICTORIA with both top serifs. Second I in VICTORIA with shorter top left serif. Standard References LCGS variety 03 Provenance Grade CGS 82 Population Level 1 out of 3 Finest Known

    Encased Farthings Wanted

    Thanks for the pictures. I have sent you a PM regarding the Encased Farthings.

    Encased Farthings

    Couple more just added to the collection.

    More Threepences

    Some weeks back I acquired these 3 Threepences they were not that expensive. But before I explain about them, I would like your opinions on them please. Please be brutally honest about what you think about each one and why? I will explain later.

    More Threepences

    I am not sure the coins were graded together. I only bought them as odd lots on the same day. So would think these came from different sellers. So pretty sure these were not graded at the same time.

    CGS v LCGS

    Well you learn something every day. I have never heard of Photoscape, I have always used Photoshop. Just downloaded it to have a look and its far better than I thought it would be. Will be having a play with it over the next few days, but from what I have seen so far it will be very useful indeed. Thanks for sharing this.

    My Latest Acquisition

    Another Threepence won today on eBay. Sellers pictures I will post mine when it arrives.

    Encased Farthings

    The Chelsea Hotel one I purchases from Chris All About Farthings early last year, he had a few the Forsyth as well. Just nipped in this week and bought a couple more he had on the website. They are well collected in the USA but not with Farthings in them, with a lot more variety as well. Still we will keep plugging along and see what turns up.

    More Threepences

    It maybe the fact that the Obv has a lovely tone whereas the Rev is toned but not the same. So perhaps that side was cleaned and left out to retone again, but what do I know I an only a beginner and having a guess. What till the experts come along.