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Status Updates posted by IanB

  1. Hi Ian

    has the 1919 H gone?


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    2. IanB


      Sorry Ian, a little bit beyond my budget but thank you for letting me know.


    3. alfnail


      No worries Ian, may I ask what you were hoping to get it for?

    4. IanB


      Not really sure, did not have a figure in my mind. But £600 is just of my price range.


  2. Pete,

    just to let you know the penny turned up and it's a beauty, my first CGS coin, many thanks for your generosity.

    Also another thank you for the guidance on the 1902 penny, it's always good to gain some knowledge and I have a lot to learn.

    please let me know if you are selling anymore, I am trying to get the first half of the twentieth century as my starting collection.

    bye for now.


  3. Am I too late for the 1937 penny?

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    2. PWA 1967

      PWA 1967

      Not a problem Ian and no charge at all .

      Is.... UCA.... an address number ?.

      The coin is free and be lucky.

      Keep smiling.


    3. IanB


      Thank you Pete.

      UCA is short for University for the Creative Arts. Its my work address, I always have things sent to me there, otherwise I miss the postman and I have to spend my Saturday morning going to the Post Office and standing in a queue.

      You are a gentleman.


    4. PWA 1967

      PWA 1967

      Ian your welcome.

      I just wanted to make sure you received it.

      Enjoy the weekend.


  4. IanB

    Hi Bob,

    Just to let you know I purchased the 1863 half penny from you via ebay. It arrived safely and I am very happy with it. Looking forwards to doing business with you again.

    All the best.


    1. RLC35


      Thanks Ian,

      I appreciate it! If you happen to see anything on my website (or have a need for something that I might have, but don't have on my website), let me know, I can give you a little better price, being a Forum Member!

      All the Best,