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  1. 13 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Worn? clear date only, dear boy, clear date only.

    Anyway, I thought I would make a few points about the 1806 no incuse curl pennies. Peck was of the opinion that they are roughly in a 1:5 ratio as opposed to incuse curl examples. But I'm inclined to think it's more like 1:10 in view of the difficulty I've encountered obtaining one. Not especially easy getting a mid grade specimen, but the higher grades are difficult. 

    Finally got this one from a dealer, and noticed it had previously sold at the June 2021 LCA for just £70. He made a fair mark up on it, as you would quite reasonably expect, but it is one of the better ones I've seen, being toned GEF with no issues.



    no incuse curl obv cropped.jpg

    no incuse curl rev cropped.jpg


    1806B BMC 1343 flawed B.jpg

    1806B BMC 1343 NO Incuse curl.jpg

    1806B BMC 1343 Obv.jpg

  2. Charles I Hammered Silver Halfcrown Mm Triangle F currently on eBay. I'm aware of Triangle Mm variants (chipped, in a circle etc) but don't know of a "Triangle F".  Have asked the seller but no reply as yet. I have little knowledge of Halfcrowns, can anyone enlighten me please?