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  1. My 1841 Penny has a colon after BRITANNIAR much lower than I recall seeing on other examples of this date. Does anyone have, or recall seeing any other examples? Is it a variety or one covered by Bramah's 2b type (Irregular Punctuation) perhaps? There is 'graffiti' scratched onto both sides of the coin that I'm unable to make out. I see R ?? R under BRITANNIAR and that's about my limit. Will attach other shots to show. Cliff
  2. Cliff

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Silly me, on scrolling through the eBay offers I see another one for sale for only £9,449.99 and one for £25,000.00. I've already got a few examples of this date - must mean I'm rich?!?!
  3. Cliff

    Decimal Pennies - Variants and errors

    David Groom's book shows that there are three, perhaps four reverses for the 1971 Business Strike Two New Pence. Do these also apply to Proof examples? If so, I think the attached is the Reverse C (Two additional incuse lines to the top of the left hand plume) but can anyone confirm what, I think I'm seeing, that there are also two vertical incuse lines down the right hand side of the quill he mentions, or are these light reflection? Cliff
  4. Cliff

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Point to ponder: "1971 2P coin (new pence) Rare" currently on sale on eBay for £120, having been reduced from £135. Low grade with no explanation what makes it rare (except just the price perhaps?). Am I missing anything?
  5. No open Ps as yet but wondered if anyone noted any anti clockwise sloping 1s as I don't recollect seeing any myself?
  6. Cliff

    Portcullis Varieties On Decimal Penny

    Have now seen several examples of the line across the horizontal portcullis bars. It doesn't seem present on all coins/dates but I'm too far down the bottle to start counting!
  7. Cliff

    Portcullis Varieties On Decimal Penny

    Thanks for the response - suppose if grease was going to stick anywhere it would be in the small indentations needed for the rivets and border beads. Do you have any suggestions for the lines across the middle of all the horizontal bars of the portcullis? They don't show on my close ups, only on the full Rev shot (when zoomed up a bit). I've had a play at trying to replicate the shot but without success to date. Think they may have something to do with my cocked eyed photographic skills(?) or highlighting my lack of.
  8. Cliff

    Portcullis Varieties On Decimal Penny

    Would like your opinions please. Don't think wear or die fill would take out all the rivets equally?!?!? Rev strike may be a bit soft as edges are n't too well struck up?
  9. Can't even begin to attempt an explanation as to why, as I have zilch knowledge of computers but pic shows on both my PC and IPAD.
  10. Don't know why 1881H posting has reappeared!? Tried to edit out but no go. Probably should do more posting to keep my skills up!
  11. Do you know how they described this H to the left Mike? Yes, the H to the right is mine.
  12. Cliff

    1849 penny

    Thanks for all your time and trouble Vicky, not to mention your willingness to share your knowledge. Reckon I owe you a beer.
  13. Cliff

    1849 penny

    Point to ponder: Came across this other example of 'purple sheen' under scope light. Circular patch on Vici's cheek appears to have a distinct edge. The purple sheen around her mouth seems to emanate from the circular patch by her mouth Wonder how the verdigris ties in?
  14. Cliff

    1849 penny

    Update - don't know if my cleaning attempts did any good but don't think I'll try anymore. There is some pitting within (because of?) the stained/flecked area but, as with the flecking and purple stain, hardly noticeable in hand under natural light. Other than these 'metal defects?' the coin detail,fields and rims are high grade, even taking the 'pothole' by the trident handle into consideration. Close up, after 'cleaning', attached.
  15. Cliff

    1849 penny

    Thank you Vicky, your advice and prompt replies are much appreciated. I'll have a go on a small area with acetone and cotton buds to see if I can bring about any improvement. Cliff
  16. Cliff

    1849 penny

    Thank you all for your speedy and highly knowledgeable responses. I'll take comfort from what you've said, suffice to put the wire wool and abrasive paper away! Vicky, if the purple palm prints are skin oil, is it possible to clean it off without damaging the coin or will it have reacted or etched itself into the surface? Sorry to be a nuisance but my mentioning wire wool and abrasive paper is a good indication of my complete lack of knowledge on the subject! Thanks again Cliff
  17. Cliff

    1849 penny

    'Fraid not Mike. Both the dark specs and purple tinge seem to be from within the metal rather than on the surface and hardly noticeable in the hand under natural light. I use a digital microscope for my photographic attempts which, alas, does distort colours and is apt to give a blueish to things. I confess I'm dubious about trying to see if anything cleans off, especially as the stains, to me, appear to be in the metal itself. Any thoughts please? Cliff
  18. Cliff

    1849 penny

    Following recent discussion regarding re-cut dates. I reckon the attached displays a re-cut 4 (bodged repair?) and wondered if this then qualifies as "a variety" and has anyone seen this before? My pics are at their usual low standard so would like to confirm that there is a serif (although faint/filled) over the I in GRATIA. would like to hear your comments please.
  19. Thanks you for your responses, much appreciated.
  20. The 9/9 on the 1945 Penny is an accepted rare variety (when compared with the standard coin), with the additional 4/4 being rarer still. Both these examples are mentioned in David Groom's book. I attach pics of my 1945 coin which displays both 9/9 AND 5/5 and, as I can't find any reference to an overstruck 5, wondered if anyone else has come across an example? Can anyone please suggest how the two apparent "overstrikes" may have come about? The 5/5 is not mentioned in Dave's book. Regards Cliff