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  1. These are cool, when you visited the Viking centre in York you had the option of purchasing these for a few pounds, they are collectible as an interesting reproduction. They are a hi-bred of a Viking coin and a Anglo-saxon coin, I purchased one of these during a visit to the Viking centre about twenty years ago, keep it or place it on ebay if you wish to sell, but in my humble opinion it is a token repro.

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  2. Has to be done my friend, I tend to buy two or three then keep the best and sell of the others. I just picked up a PF65CAM 1937 crown at the Heritage auctions over in the USA. I bought it to compare with the raw one and keep the better of the two. I bid on about twenty coins and some of the prices were rather high ! I missed a couple of nice proof uk pennies I really liked, they were bid up to between 2-3k dollars unfortunately with a bad exchange rate at present plus fees they were above what I had wanted to pay. Also some purchases from the US attract import tax, I am questioning this with the revenue at the moment hoping they will clarify the law regarding different coins.

  3. I just looked again with loupe and it appears to be different toning not wear,  I picked this one up for next to nothing as the old slab was very scratched and worn and different show her real eye appeal. Very happy when I freed her from her tomb.

  4. Thanks again Vickysilver, you have to try and improve your collection if you can, I also find when you trade up and resale that you can ask a little more if your selling quality coins so it evens out, well that's the plan anyway!

    That is interesting regarding the 82, as I have only seen this extreme blue/purple tone on one other coin I owned a few years back and someone suggested it may have been dipped years before which may have produced the resulting tones. Its a handsome coin in hand, very reflective, its not been polished so would the Copper dip also produce a reflective field  ?

  5. I would be interested in the penny collectors thoughts on this 1882 penny. It was dressed in an old ANACS slab. I stripped it naked to look at the tones closer. It was graded at MS62 does anyone think she has been messed with or is the tone genuine ??


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  6. Very interesting Vickysilver, i have not owned a VIP proof or seen one in hand so have very little knowledge in the area i am afraid. I note that a few examples graded as deep cameo have recently been changed or upgraded to VIP proof strikes. PCGS seem to grade as cameo, deep cameo and VIP proof.