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  1. Charlie

    Strategy & etiquette for purchasing coins

    @Weaver, with regard to world coins, do you have a copy of krause? If not, private message me, ill sort you out a copy. It covers all world coins, 1600-2011.
  2. Charlie

    1853 farthing - inverted Vs?

    It seems to be a common flaw for the series, I've seen it for quite a few years. Hopefully someone with a bit more experience may be able to give a second opinion. The obverse A's do look very clear, but could be a newer die? It's a nice example by the way.
  3. Charlie

    Can I pass my grading exam...pt. 2

    I had the same when I started out. I had a largish hoard from my grandfather which I picked out coins to start my own collection, over the years I've upgraded. My daughter pulled out the old tin this morning and they're god awful... all fair to fine at best. It's amazing how your perspective changes with experience.
  4. Charlie

    1853 farthing - inverted Vs?

    What's the overall grade of the coin? The bars in the A's for these copper farthings were very prone to die fill. I'd be dubious with lower grade examples.
  5. Charlie

    Can I pass my grading exam...pt. 2

    Weaver, I'd probably say around good Fine. The reverse is better than obverse. If you look at the obverse, there is a lot of wear to the ear and the side of the face appears quite flat. The reverse, note the wear of the letters in the garter at 9 and 3 oclock and general wear to the four sections of the shield. Please don't be disheartened, feel free to post more. It all comes with practice.
  6. Charlie

    Can I pass my grading exam?...

    It comes with experience, I was very much the same.. Still do from time to time. The book is a good start, im still learning.
  7. Charlie

    Can I pass my grading exam?...

    Do you have a copy of the grading book? It was a great help when I started out and I still refer to it a lot now.
  8. Charlie

    Can I pass my grading exam?...

    I'd be inclined to say closer to fine. The acorns on the reverse have very ltitle detail remaining, if VF I'd expect to see a lot more pimples. The obverse again looks closer to F, the ear looks very worn and on the brink of merging in with the head, hair detail is hard to see from photo, but looks like a lot of overall wear.
  9. Charlie

    Beginner in need of guidance

    Welcome to forum, As other members have said, books are a good way to start. Try and keep an eye out for a copy of Coincraft, the prices are out of date, but it's a fantastic reference. A lot of information and pictures right back to 1066. Second hand copies can be picked up very cheaply if you look around, I picked mine up for £2.81 all in. Most importantly take your time and have fun.
  10. Charlie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Nah, toothed border both sides.
  11. Important year in American history.
  12. The top tail of the end digit looks like it could be a 6, im not 100% convinced, but looks too rounded to be a 5?
  13. Do you have any photos? I'd be interested to see.
  14. Charlie

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Interesting read thanks. I'm still unsure whether to vote in or out, so trying to read up as much as I can.
  15. Charlie

    I need a genius identify this coin

    I find Coincraft a handy reference, I picked up a copy in good condition for £2.81 Inc postage.
  16. Charlie


    Nice one Paulus.
  17. Charlie

    Busy day for the Royal Mint

    The Beatrix Potter 50p was released this morning. Not my thing, but my wife bought a couple for our children this morning... After queuing behind 900 other people to get on to the Royal Mint website!
  18. I would certainly pick a problem free, lesser grade example. I've learned from the few mistakes when I first started collecting of buying higher grade, blast white silver coins, of which upgrades to these have actually been slightly lower grade, but nice natural toning and far better eye appeal. Also, a copper half penny with nice detail.. but big black blotchy marks. I've learned to look at the eye appeal of a coin as a whole, rather than focusing too hard on grade.
  19. Charlie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That's not even the most expensive ... look at the seller's other items. Nonsense. I know it's a drop in the ocean, but £40 postage?
  20. Charlie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That item description though, I can't believe it's not been snapped up sooner... especially at a 'just in case' price of £700!
  21. Charlie

    New Sixpence

    Oh dear..
  22. Charlie

    George IV 4d

    Ok great thanks Chris. Appreciate a second opinion, I think you're probably right.
  23. Hello folks. Please can I have opinions on these maundy 4d. I'm posting on behalf of someone else so not my coins. Please find attached obverse pictures for 1825 and 1829. On the 1825 there's a large gap between F and D (there is a stop, although not evident in picture) and also a stop between Brittanniar and Rex, which isn't there on the 1829. I've checked Davies and no mention of anything. Is this an unlisted variety or a fake? Many thanks in advance. First is 1829, second is 1825.