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  1. Hi Matt

    Re the obv G/ONF - I was offered it as just an ONF (tho strictly speaking not a proper example). I then saw that it was obv G with, as you say, loads of die cracks. I've added it to my collection website with the comment that it suggests that the Mint must have been desperate to use any old dies to produce pennies at that stage.

    Cheers, Richard

    1. Nordle11


      What a find in that case, and a very nice suprise on an already nice coin!! Who knows what the mint was doing during those 3 years, and at the rate that new pairings are being found nowadays anything could happen..

      Will be interesting to see if this only exists with the flaw on the E, it would certainly add to your conclusion.

    2. secret santa

      secret santa

      It's really pleasing to think that new "varieties" or at least, new die-pairings are still being discovered.It's a real shame that Mint records from that time don't seem to exist.