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  1. damian1986

    2015 Commemoratives

    They're churning out a lot of new commemorative coins every year so I think this waters down the quality a bit. And opening up designs to competition in theory gives you a wider pool of talent to pick from, but then the individuals aren't personally and creatively invested in the coinage as the likes of Wyon would have been. Saying that, de Saulles' 1902 florin design borrowed heaviliy from 'la Semeuse' over in France and so arguably wasn't as original or as wonderful as people see it now? (It got a lot of stick too, "where's the beading?") And plenty of moaning was done around the end of the 19th century - no one seemed to think much of the veiled head Victoria or of the re-working of Britannia. So the coinage has been poor for a while... There are still 3 (soon to be 4) effigies for Elizabeth II following on from Mary Gillick's work, you just have to not care / be selective about which reverse designs you pick
  2. damian1986

    2015 Commemoratives

    Sorry John (Bergdahl) but the £2 looks very cartoony. Scott I see what you're saying there's a distinct lack of detail on most of these coins. The Battle of Britain commemorative is... lazy. I do like the Churchill portrait!!
  3. damian1986

    Orders and Decorations

    Really? Who wouldn't want to own one of these... Brian: http://www.dnw.co.uk/auction-archive/catalogue-archive/lot.php?department=Medals&lot_id=54027
  4. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Interesting. There'll be a market for it. I've got a few things off eBay this week but otherwise a frustrating experience.
  5. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181475765706 Nothing new to see here, but there are a few of these types of sellers who occasionally list the odd item of numismatic interest / some decimal so I have never blacklisted them but I am now going to. Regarding this one specifically, it's out of order to use Percy Metcalfe to market such a horrible piece of shit. I only recently came across this which he designed: http://brentmuseumandarchives.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/metcalfe-lion-1924.jpg so for all my time wasted hunting through crap on eBay at least I stumbled across something useful.
  6. damian1986

    coin dealers

    Wouldn't worry about it Neil. There aren't many dealers able to source well-priced high end raw coins and certainly not at a rate of a list per month.
  7. damian1986

    Coin auctions.

    What I don't understand is that if that particular farthing made its way onto a dealers website any time within the next 12 months priced at any more than say a couple of hundred quid it would probably sit around for a while. So what is truly the value of these pieces that skyrocket in auction? I was under the impression that a lot of common coins in high grade were being picked up by the buy-slab-whack-on-ebay "dealers" (the 1819 crown slabbed MS64 that came out of London Coins (as aUNC) for £600 and then re-appeared on ebay.com for £2500 being an example (can't find the link)). But that requires at least some level of restraint, which we didn't see in Kunker, so the assumption is that the collector market itself is very strong (and very wealthy) right now. What can we expect to see over the next 5 years? Do all the best pieces get snapped up and put under lock and key for another 20 years with the odd trickle out, or do a few sizable collections make their way onto the market at once to level things out?
  8. damian1986

    Help Wanted for Unknown Roman

    My approach is to focus on the denarii and antoninianii of legitimate emperors and to build around that. Generally those who ruled exclusively and ruled the whole of the Roman Empire. I'd argue that the British series covering a similar period to date (~ 500 years) can be as unforgiving... myriad mint marks, the odd threefarthing, a civil war, and many an A over T and what-not...
  9. damian1986

    Coin auctions.

    Yep. That's what I had set aside for it. Only one other Ed Conf Langport penny has gone through salerooms since WW2 and that was the ex-Lockett and Elmore-Jones expanding cross. Given there are only 9 or 10 coins of the mint in private hands and most of these are Cnuts, I'm just amazed at the lack of interest in what is a significant rarity. The Shrewsbury pyramids sold two lots later went for 1900. That's a relatively common type for the mint and did have a super portrait, but at 60% of the price there isn't much difference between the two. How's this one got through then? British buyers didn't bother to read the German description? Erm... Crazy as you say in comparison to what the other coins went for. I'm going to start collecting paper clips I think.
  10. damian1986

    Coin auctions.

    Does that mean you'd have gone to 5 or 6 Rob? Nice coin. That 1727 shilling was a bit high at 1400 EUR I thought though the estimates were pretty low for a lot of these I'd have said. Oh and this 1754 farthing. Its very nice but the best part of a grand for a 1754??
  11. damian1986

    Buy the best you can afford

    I spent most of this year figuring out my exact goals and what it's likely to cost - When I put everything into perspective it makes sense to offset costs wherever possible as some wants are unavoidably expensive! So I suppose it depends on what your goals are overall. Where I'm able to I'll have a rarer example of a type to keep things interesting. E.g. my George IV first issue farthing is an 1825 D/U and I have a nice 1895 young head farthing for that particular type. I just couldn't part with them and the commoner dates of the types went. But then I have a 1910 shilling for Edward VII and wouldn't touch the 1905 at 20x the cost. Considering that some shillings such as Cromwell, Philip and Mary, Northumberland, James II, milled Charles I, ..., are going to cost an arm and a leg if I can ever justify buying them, then I'm inclined to take the cheapest option when it's available. There is something to be said about value though. E.g. it may only cost a little more for an Anglo-Saxon penny from a scarce mint than it would for one from say London or Lincoln.
  12. damian1986

    Hammered Conditions

    I never know with your sense of humour Peter. £3.6k for the William I penny...
  13. damian1986

    Hammered Conditions

    I want them all to be this good. £3,600 plus commission Below is an E1 penny 1c/1a mule. Quite a bit of wear and the edge chip but overall decent and I'm really happy with it, but still got pushed quite a bit on price to get it. 1. When's a nicer one going to come into auction? 2. A real gem is gonna cost what, 400 / 500 quid? Well it shouldn't but anything real high quality seems to be getting caned in the auctions at the minute. So we don't have much choice
  14. damian1986


    Which macro lens do you use? I have a Nikon DSLR but it would appear that there are several macro lenses available from 40mm all the way up. We use at present a Tamron 90 mm Macro lens Regarding the light source, is that a single source at as-close-to vertical as possible or multiple sources? I've heard good things about the 5500k 'daylight' bright white bulbs; also the Jansjo lamps which I have used but always struggle with silver and the light being too reflective.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has any information about the Powers of the Soho Mint medal? In particular number struck, how often they come on to the market and realised prices. I anticipate an answer equivalent to not many, hardly ever and a lot. But curious nonetheless... Taken from The Copper Corner (http://www.thecoppercorner.com/history/bw_photos2a.htm)
  16. damian1986

    Powers of the Soho Mint

    I did manage to find a couple realised in auction: 1. http://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?auction=752&category=16734&lot=747955 Estimate £200, Realised £1,000 (May 2013) 2. http://www.noble.com.au/mobile/lot?id=109784 Estimate $300, Realised $400 (in 1997!) More than I could do for a medal but if one ever slips through the net maybe.
  17. damian1986

    William IV Halfpenny

    I've got a bee in my bonnet over this just now. Proof or currency. Who's bored of theirs? There's a nice one slabbed PR66 on eBay at £1,150 but my budget for this coin isn't going to stretch that far
  18. damian1986

    William IV Halfpenny

    Oh aye and are any of those for sale? I think the population figures are being ruined on a daily basis. When the same coin is resubmitted many times in the hope of a higher grade I would expect they just increment the number graded rather than bother to cross-reference it against the ones that have been (which admittedly would be difficult). On the other hand, I do hope there's a 'finest known' collector out there weeping because he can't get his Charles II halfpenny.
  19. damian1986

    Which one to choose?

    I collect a bit of everything. My idea of getting one coin of each ruler is just a part of it:) 1888 half crown is my girlfriends birthday +100:) Thanks The last woman I had any interest in made casual references to Jimmy Choos and wasn't the slightest bit interested in coins so you're doing well there
  20. damian1986

    William IV Halfpenny

    If Tony is going to be at Wakefield at the end of the month you could ask to see it there. Just check as he might not go because of Coinex. Sorry, mine isn't available. Thanks didn't realise Tony was the seller as I spotted it on ebay.com. I missed a nice proof sold by a US seller for $600 recently, which is more sensible in price. Also there was a decent one in London Coins March of this year that hammered at only £220. I think I'd struggle to get to £1150 for the penny never mind. The coin will be brought into a warm, loving home, freed from its plastic shackles and given the opportunity to move on after years of self-aggrandisement (as "finest known"). Oh that's a shame I figure there has to be a few more knocking about...
  21. damian1986

    Which one to choose?

    Neil (Colin Cooke) has one in his September list. May have gone now but worth asking him. Just a thought but since you're collecting by ruler wouldn't 1887 be the better option? Actually a quick scan of the 1887s listed on eBay and am not endeared to any of them but generally should be able to pick a nice one up cheaper than the 1888. I dealt with the seller of the second coin before and he's alright and good descriptions. Incidentally I have no idea what's going on here.
  22. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Cheers Rob
  23. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Just wondering what you think about this one. Nothing wrong with the coin really just very pricey. Edward the Confessor, Hammer cross type, Worcester mint. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Anglo-Saxon-Silver-Penny-Coin-of-King-Edward-the-Confessor-1042-AD-/390843443166?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 I could see maybe just over a grand in it for the mint but not close to the ~ £3,000 being asked for. Only a handful of examples recorded in SCBI / EMC, all in museums, but then I am not finding this to be a particularly good indicator of rarity as many coins aren't submitted.
  24. I like a good moan about the prices of coins. The same way I like to moan about the over-valuation of online businesses, the recklessness of the banks pre-2008 (here have a mortgage, have a re-mortgage, have a credit card, have a nice new car, oh no all the mortgages have defaulted), supply-and-demand in the context of Jedward or whichever other idiots are being paid a healthy living by virtue of having accomplished nothing - It's a real market and warrants discussion as such. But few people have a problem with people putting their money into gold or silver for investment so why the quibble with numismatic coins?* Criticisms should be leveled at the market and not the wealth of an individual or what they choose to do with their cash. * I do have a slight problem with gold and silver investment actually. There are some horrible suppliers who prey on people's fears and vulnerabilities (the world is going to end so stock your cupboards with powder food and buy guns and lots of gold so that when everyone is crawling about on their hands and knees you'll be sitting pretty). A story for another day though. I collect halfpennies. I did look at die varieties initially but the Victorian bronzes are tough in the higher grades and I collect other things now so I want a small but representative sample by type. This will include some of the proofs that came out of the Soho mint. I missed a good one that Rob had up not long ago I have one nice halfpenny that belonged to C. W. Peck and that pretty much does it for me for all later Victorian bronze. I want them all but if I do my research properly I can be just as happy with fewer individual coins and still the collection as a whole. This comes back to what's financially viable. My collecting is dictated by desire in the context of what's financially realistic. If I had more or less money my focus would be adjusted in line with what's doable. Another little soliloquy.
  25. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Was he buying most of from the currency sets / presentations packs? I have struggled to find anything in circulation that is mark-free, even if from a sealed bag. I'd be interested in decimal but the problem is that they introduce so many new commemoratives each year that when I do the maths I could buy something better for that same amount of cash. I'd like one of every type by design, this year we have: 2 x floral £1 = £18 in presentation pack; 2 x WWI £2 = £20; 1 x 50p commonwealth games = £10; or the full set for £50. There were 3 commemorative £2 coins last year. Adding up a few year's worth of these and it becomes really expensive. I did buy a few from Michael Gouby whose prices for currency issues were more reasonable. I think most were from mint-sealed bags. A quid or two at most may work though