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  1. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    No, buy it Paulus. Why is this in here rather than the my wife has bled me dry thread?
  2. Nice. I have one of those too. I also have the halfpenny (dated 1795). 2014-12-03 13.06.27.jpg Very nice. Can't beat a nice chunk of copper. It's really pleasing in hand - about the size of the shillings issued in the 18th Century and I think the designs on many of these tokens are excellent. I do have my eye on some halfpennies but I'm trying to exercise patience here as it's not a market I know particularly well and some of the common ones that have gone into slabs appear to be a little pricey when compared with what the specialist dealers are asking for them raw.
  3. This is the first Conder I've got hold of. Bath Farthing, King Bladud founded Bath through his Swine.
  4. damian1986

    Mint-darkened penny

    Oh no such teasing Actually I spoke with Michael Gouby yesterday and he is sending me one out so that may do the job.
  5. http://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/world-coins/great-britain-middlesex-young-s-penny-token-nd-c-1790-s-ms65-brown-ngc-/a/241445-15038.s#1191511915906 Look at that... 1798 eh? Wonder what they were collecting back then... "'Ere you are guv - I've got 5 UNC Cartwheel twopences. You can 'ave 'em for just a shilling" "Nah. Not interested in modern rubbish. Any news on that Petition Crown?" I could happily collect only the stuff that came out of the Soho mint. I was tempted to go after this token but just saw the estimate, I think best left to an aficionado of things Conder. I'll take those 5 cartwheels 2ds please Peckris.
  6. http://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/world-coins/great-britain-middlesex-young-s-penny-token-nd-c-1790-s-ms65-brown-ngc-/a/241445-15038.s#1191511915906 Look at that...
  7. damian1986

    Your dream coin?

    The Edward VIII sovereign from earlier this year? £516,000 all in. For silver there was the reddite crown that sold at Spink earlier this year for £396,000 total. There's my pick for the dream coin. In terms of dream coins that aren't wholly inconceivable purchases the Oxford crowns and pounds of Charles I and then you could just close your eyes and point to anything in the Emery May Norweb collection of Anglo-Saxon coins (SCBI 16) and that'd do.
  8. Based on 20% commission that runs at around £1150, so someone i's hoping for a quick large profit. It will be interesting to see where it lands, whats LCs selling commission? I think 10%. Good on them? it's a bit of a risk as it's gonna have to hammer at just shy of £1300 to break even. Coming from America There will also be 5% import duty On the initial outlay so it has to sell at around £1400 to break Even. What lot number is it in LCs?2994. Estimate is 900 to 1200. See when you factor all that in do you still think they're trying to turn it around quickly? The Stacks auction was actually only August assuming it is the same coin.
  9. Based on 20% commission that runs at around £1150, so someone i's hoping for a quick large profit. It will be interesting to see where it lands, whats LCs selling commission? I think 10%. Good on them? it's a bit of a risk as it's gonna have to hammer at just shy of £1300 to break even.
  10. Well Mark looks like a nice one I would like something that was minted at King's Norton and I do need an original effigy George V penny How did you get rid of the ghosting and the mushy obverse? http://www.jncoins.co.uk/JNC/en/bronze-and-copper/265-george-v-bronze-penny-1926.html (The URL slug has 1926 in it but is for the 1918 coin)
  11. Will be interesting to see how the London Coins one does. I believe it's the same coin that went for $1500 in Stacks Bowers earlier this year.
  12. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Hello I'm a serious collector and I've got loads of money and I wanted to put together a set of 1893 proofs that all came from different sets and would happily spend an extra 6% on top to house them in a lovely if somewhat disheveled and actually honestly unimpressive but probably authentic case that the coins don't belong to. It's not the fault of the "penniless" that no one's interested in spending 3 figures on his plugged and dented pennies and the guy is deluded into thinking that his market is the "serious collector"! As frustrating as time wasters are this guy has brought it on himself entirely. No justification or sympathy
  13. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I was under the impression that eBay recently changed it so that postage is no longer exempt from fees. If so what's the point? - I just factor the postage into the BIN prices. I'd rather a seller operates at a profit and is still around in 2 or 3 years time than operates at ridiculous margins and gets fed up after 6 months. I think people like to think they've done alright but it's a false economy half the time - the amount of sweatshop-generated shit I've bought instead of paying an extra 50% for a quality product. The best one was the digital calipers that were out by anywhere from a few millimetres to a few centimetres every time. Precision.
  14. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Well it's only worth £4 as scrap and they go £20 to £30 in UNC so just thought if someone was going to go to £13 why not go a little bit more. Interesting point about the postage. 95% isn't bad I'll try opening some up to auction.
  15. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    How does this realise £13? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1901-Germany-Prussia-silver-zwei-2-marks-coin-11-1g-/141467256588 Reason I ask is because I'm seeing a few coins do better than they ought to when opened up to bidding - which makes me think I should open some up to auction. There's a risk though and in many cases I suspect they're being shilled.
  16. The example from the Colin Cooke collection was also ex Archbishop Sharp and realized £1300 in a Baldwin's 2012 auction. I think the one available on eBay is a slightly better example. https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=345&lot=2619
  17. It is a tempting one. There are a few Peck 407s about this is a really nice one. The seller originally had this listed at about £700ish I think, so has made a small reduction just recently. Hmm. I claim the four seas.
  18. damian1986

    Grading opinion?

    I find these quite difficult to grade (and photograph - as is evident). Because they were darkened, any friction at all is evident on the reverse. The 4 below were all sold to me as UNC. I'd probably grade them EF, EF+, gEF, gEF respectively, which may be a little harsh but it depends how you look at it - a gem full black/purple UNC isn't easy to come by. These all cost more than 50p!
  19. damian1986

    CGS Grading again

    Regarding the international element of CGS, I reckon they let themselves down with the 100-point grading system rather than going with the established Sheldon scale. I actually really like the idea of trying to quantify grade, especially for milled coinage and if the population reports were comprehensive that'd be really useful. But with a large number of TPGs, many re-submissions, raw coins that have not yet been submitted and no attempts to record coins in museums etc. the population databases can't really be relied on. Nor grade for that matter but this has been discussed quite a bit already Anyway so what you have to do is spend a chunk of your coin budget on catalogues to try to figure it all out One big negative for me is the whole slab glorification of coins. It makes sense that the 65s and 66s skyrocket in auction, because they're nice - not because they have a number stuck on the front. Same with the CAC stickers - why is the coin worth 20% more with one of these stickers on it? I'll leave you with a conditional rarity: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-1862-Victoria-Bun-head-Half-Penny-NGC-Cert-MS65RD-/221550995387?pt=UK_Coins_BritishMilled_RL&hash=item339577e7bb
  20. One of every denomination for every ruler Paulus, or coverage of all denominations across the whole range? Was just thinking good luck with the William IV crown Me too. Speaking of type collecting, my goals at the minute are fairly modest but then around certain periods I'd like to do a bit more and definitely George III copper falls into this bracket. Potentially anything that came out of the Soho mint is on the cards.
  21. damian1986

    CGS Grading again

    CGS only guarantee the authenticity of milled coins since 1660 (which is fine because there's nothing dafter than a hammered coin in a slab), not sure about the other TPGs. People have ruined plenty of coins in order to get them to slab a grade higher. All the shiny dipped coins that for some reason the TPGs tend not to penalize... of course a couple of Viking peckmarks and it's the end of the world but a few coats of silver emulsion and no one bats an eyelid. On the other hand, try performing an analysis of the price performance of raw coins over the past 50 years and it'd be exponentially more difficult and less reliable than coins that have been slabbed. Probably fairly accurate inferences can be made about the popularity and price of silver Eagles since the 70s as zillions have been through the doors at NGC - But this speaks to a wider problem of population awareness and a consistent grading system. The TPGS only go some way to solving this problem.
  22. damian1986

    Your dream coin?

    And the key to THAT is to have a lunatically high disposable income!! Also, to add to the point that Richard (I think it was) made recently, our standards change over time ... some coins I considered keepers that I would have never wanted to upgrade when I acquired them have been superseded as my expectations and experience have increased ... I would imagine many relatively new collectors go through the same evolution / learning curve? Yes. Add to that some laziness and impatience for me. Regarding the sale of coins, I hadn't, for example, given much time to the 8 Reales until you posted recently. That's now on the wants list. So a couple of "duplicates" (actually coins of loosely the same type as another coin I have) can go. And stuff that's never going to form the basis of a collection can go (if anyone wants to buy a Napoleon 1 Franc let me know ) as the potential costs of building a collection become clear (if anyone has a spare S1142 let me know ).
  23. In the last couple of DNW auctions quite a few coppers have cropped up described as 'patinated' or 'with patina' or something to that effect. Unusual choice of words except to suggest that the coins have been lacquered (coins with a natural patina are usually described as toned)? Nothing wrong with the coins, and it could just be the pictures and my untrained eye just wondering what you think? September auction: http://www.dnw.co.uk/auction-archive/catalogue-archive/lot.php?department=Coins&lot_id=164910 Lacquered?: http://www.dnw.co.uk/auctions/catalogue/lot.php?auction_id=318&lot_id=1026
  24. damian1986

    Your dream coin?

    He mentions remortgaging his house to get a Sestersius on the petitioncrown website.
  25. damian1986

    Patinated coppers

    Cheers both. Yes the second coin had no mention of patina but I figured it looked lacquered so included it as was curious. Mainly the last auction a few mentioned patina but probably not relevant. I don't know what peoples' thoughts are on lacquering in general (I assume it's not looked on with any fondness!); I think it's a shame as otherwise that's a very nice pattern.