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  1. I like how a lot of the Scottish tokens show the city arms. Nice uniface piece!! Is the reverse making reference to any particular figure?? From the death covered mountains of Scotia he come. What a legend. There was a Richard I penny, class IVa that is Ex. W. J. Conte that I missed. It got bid up to near £500 so too much anyway for me. I missed out on an Henry III penny 1b at London (again!). They raised the estimate this time around and it wasn't as good as the last and I was being way too tight-fisted in my pre-bids -- But actually I don't think it was a very good sale on the whole. Anyone agree? That was the one I came second on. As a Richard I it was very good, but when a bid of 460 is nearly 600 with the juice and postage then, well, they aren't that rare and the obverse was slightly double struck. Never mind, another will come along. Apart from that, I was underwhelmed with the offerings. I thought it would do pretty well that one Rob. The last DNW sale wasn't very good either but a couple of the early pennies were very aggressively bid up.
  2. I like how a lot of the Scottish tokens show the city arms. Nice uniface piece!! Is the reverse making reference to any particular figure?? From the death covered mountains of Scotia he come. What a legend. There was a Richard I penny, class IVa that is Ex. W. J. Conte that I missed. It got bid up to near £500 so too much anyway for me. I missed out on an Henry III penny 1b at London (again!). They raised the estimate this time around and it wasn't as good as the last and I was being way too tight-fisted in my pre-bids -- But actually I don't think it was a very good sale on the whole. Anyone agree?
  3. damian1986

    Saxon Hoard

    I shouldn't comment without doing my research. Lost my rag at the idea that the finder should give them away when they have value to the market (and it's not as if the BM really needs another 5,000 coins is it)... but Ed Vaizey was at the Treasure Annual Report covering 2012. Meaning it's possible that he offered his thanks completely outside of the context of the hoard find. ..... "Jobless man set to waive his £1million hoard reward?" Really? I'm looking forward to this question being answered in the remainder of the article. "The jobless man who discovered a £1 million hoard of Anglo Saxon coins could hand over the hoard without a penny in return." I suppose he could. Wow. "Sources say jobless Mr Coleman is looking forward to the windfall and plans to share the profits with fellow detectorists from the Weekend Wanderers club." Oh, so actual sources are saying the complete opposite!? But perhaps as a hint to Mr Coleman, culture minister Ed Vaizey thanked previous finders for turning down rewards in the past Perhaps. I don't know. Were you there? In what context did he thank previous finders. Did it seem like he was trying to put pressure on Mr. Coleman? Thanks a bunch.
  4. damian1986

    Saxon Hoard

    Out of order. They want the lot for nothing. Vaizey, the right honourable. Let the man have his fking reward.
  5. damian1986

    PCGS vid on coin grading

    On the relative percentages Brandon, it's not good to see so few points for strike. With the older British milled and hammered coins especially, the strike is very important. I know that they adjust their parameters according to the type of coin but there's an overriding feeling of grade = prettiest, which is just very subjective. It wouldn't matter if the prices weren't so inextricably linked to the number assigned, but they are! Rob identified an halfpenny pattern recently for which only 2 are known. It was assigned an MS65 grade which was bumped up from MS63. If the prices realised were based solely on rarity then okay, but probably it was bumped up a few $ by the TPG grade which isn't fair. Interesting point about toning.
  6. In this grade, without the gash, £2,000 to £3,000 I am thinking. Not many have gone through London Coins lately as far as I can see but just in general. Heritage, they seem to be a bit silly but then the halfcrowns that sold last month were round about £5,500 and they were nice and nicer shillings have sold for less. Though the Eric Newmann MS65-graded shilling sold for $10,000. Nice but actually I have seen better MS63s without the provenance. I figured with the gash it's worth less than £1,000 assuming it's genuine. Hadn't thought of repairs what do they cost? Because then maybe it's not so bad. But obviously not at 4 grand Retelling that story is an implicit attempted justification of the coin. And it seems everyone with a dodgy coin on eBay has had it in their collection for 30-odd years. "OK so I know it's bullshit but there's an aura surrounding this coin and when placed in its historical context its a very interesting piece irrespective of the big f'king mark etched into his face"
  7. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It's so painful looking through that guy's listings. He wants £1,000 for a 1772 halfpenny in MS62 BN. "In our opinion this coin is better than the assigned grade suggests. We don't always agree with the 3rd party grading services" - except when the they overgrade.
  8. Only just saw this one. Very nice Brandon. I saw that these sell for quite a lot even in VF. And I've only been able to find 3 that don't show much flattening to St. George. MS64 seems generous? But I wonder if that's because nearly all of them show weakness / wear to the horseman and the dragon's scales. Mine is below. Clearly worn but initially I thought not a bad example in the grand scheme of things. Do these come up a lot at the US coin fairs?
  9. Genuine mint error? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elizabeth-II-2-New-Pence-Twopence-1971-Planchet-Clip-Mint-Error-Nice-Grade-658/291115600633?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140122125356%26meid%3Da687f99f644241dabfa6bd58780dc05b%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D251773638499&rt=nc I saw one clipped twopence from a seller called mastercraftsman and thought... probably best leaving that one
  10. damian1986

    Planchet clip error

    Thanks all. The new 2p error aside there aren't many interesting brass / bronze coins post 1970 so I'm on the lookout for errors. A nice brockage, off-metal strikes, small flan strikes and finally mis-struck flans such as these. The clipped flan is interesting enough but weighing it all up I don't think £30 for a 1971 2p is remotely sane unless a brockage, could do 3 figures for one of those. £75 for the roll of 2ps is optimistic! Don't mind paying a bit extra for something interesting though.
  11. damian1986

    latest slice of history from the Royal Mint...

    Four nostalgic Royal crowns - together at last Finally.
  12. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Aaahhhhh Mr Blyth he's taken over the mantle from our other favourite ebayer I don't understand the bidding pattern.
  13. damian1986

    Removing coins from souvenir packaging

    I think the Schulz albums are the PVC sleeves with square pockets for coins? The problem with these is that the coins will rub against the plastic and PVC is going to damage them over time. Unless you put them into a 2x2 first and then slot that into the folder. In terms of actually cracking them out of the packaging, not a big deal at all! I keep hold of the boxes if they come in one but the coin itself gets taken out.
  14. damian1986

    Favourite designed coin

    I'll also admit to having a bit of a thing about the French coinage. Keep getting tempted but then restrain myself. CGB currently have a 10%-off sale on. To add a bit of variety, this token is Glasgow, Lanarkshire DH2 in proof and was described by Bell (who wrote extensively on the token coinage) as one of the most beautiful in the entire 18th century series. It depicts a River God leaning against a pitcher, the source of the River Clyde.
  15. damian1986

    Favourite designed coin

    Endless posts could be made here for different reasons. I'm going to spare you another first issue George IV farthing or Pistrucci's St. George and Dragon reverse, but definitely those. Wyon's portrait of the young Victoria. I don't think we've seen a better portrait since.
  16. Is it possible? 20 mints, 32(?) moneyers, 7 main classes and a bunch of subclasses. Below is a coin that hammered at £1700 in DNW last month. So definitely some of them, rare mint / moneyer / subclasses would be a case of taking anything, but even with the commoner types - the "rank and file" as Baldwins refer to them - are tough!! Rob's 1b at Canterbury that he shared is a good benchmark for what I'm considering "high grade". There was another 1b in DNW last month but London; I gave up after 220 - it wasn't that good. Not sure where to draw the line. Roger at Canterbury, 5h.
  17. Ah see I did wonder if my comments might make me come across as a bit of a dickhead. The 4 figure coins and what not and having sometimes-ridiculous aspirations on grade well I appreciate that it's not for everyone. For me personally though it might be a case of buying only 1 exceptional coin this year rather than 10+ average ones. I'd like to still consider myself a numismatic collector rather than someone who just buys nice coins but I guess that's debatable. That said a single want becomes a want by virtue of a wider numismatic knowledge, I just made the decision to build a small collection rather than a large one. Each to their own and I'm not suggesting that either approach is better than the other!
  18. Some nice coins and good to see them up on omnicoin. I suppose collecting is a very private thing so I do love it when people share. Well actually the jump in grade is significant so in that respect the prices were probably fair but as you say it's just that conundrum of deciding when to take the plunge. I'm finding the online realised prices databases from Heritage, Sixbid, London Coins and DNW quite useful as reference points for figuring out what sort of quality is available but it has its limitations with scarcer coins as we only have a few years worth of archives to work with. I suppose that's where I'll be using you lot to help
  19. Ah see good point. And I do worry about what others would think even though I have no intention of selling in the foreseeable future, and no one actually sees them. Partly also though for me it depends how much money is at stake. Either of those 2 Briot halfcrowns would do, naturally, , but the difference between 3 grand and 4 grand is negligible when the one is going to please more than the other. It's a lot of money either way so it really has to be something I'm not going to question or get fed up with and want to sell in 12 months. I do know what you mean though. Here's a lovely shilling I got from Rob, similar sort of principle applies I think.
  20. Yep thanks Clive I look forward to the rest! I'm comfortable with that approach to collecting too. Availability of higher grade pieces is another factor so all in all I don't see how anything but a 'representative' collection can be formed. Oh yes the Briot halfcrown was just me wittering on about really where to draw a line in terms of what will do - actually taking the plunge and forking out for a coin is fine so long as it's absolutely worth every penny. I'd hate to see a better alternative come along in 12 months that is the same price or just a little bit more.
  21. Thought I'd seen this before. He seems to add new stock fairly regularly and it's mostly nice stuff. I considered the Briot milled halfcrown he also added recently. But £2750 and I've seen better; MH Coins had one (different type mind) but that was £4,000 and that was a beaut. Both arguably expensive. The latter, the way I see it, deserves the premium as the detail is phenomenal. Will I ever see a better one? Not that I have a spare 3 or 4 grand right now. The thing with the penny is it's only Stamford. All those extra £s are for the grade, really, which is okay but a big outlay. Maybe I'm being unrealistic though - high grade Henry III are going to cost a fair few extra quid too! Would appreciate some photos Clive!!!? Nice coin!
  22. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Really ballsed this one up http://www.ebay.com/itm/1904-1-2-Half-Penny-Great-Britain-KM-793-2-UNC-98-Red-/221650423535?pt=US_World_Coins&hash=item339b650eef
  23. damian1986

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Oops, really? I didn't look beyond the image!You're still looking for one of them, aren't you, Paulus? I think that's a tad unfair to make the description so small, as it is in normal sized font. He's also honest going by the description, just a little deluded with his concept of worth. I think it's a bit of a scam. The postage is £13.25 so if anyone even bids £1 then he's doing alright. Suppose the only way to know for sure is to put a ridiculously low bid in but for £13.25 I'd want it hand-delivered, wrapped in silk ribbon and a kiss on the cheek.
  24. damian1986

    what grade is

    You probably even did quite a bit better than £30 in the bullion value of those coins. The silver 2 Franc weighs 10 grams and is probably worth more than bullion value anyway. Nice