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secret santa

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  1. secret santa

    1918 KN pennies

    Another crow's foot - this time 1867 penny
  2. secret santa


    I'm finding it hard to believe all this stuff about Semra - she always remembers my name at the auctions and lets me takeaway expensive items by leaving a post-dated cheque. Am I just lucky or endowed with more charm than you guys ?????? Answers on a postcard...........
  3. Dave, can you open and re-use these slabs or are they permanently sealed once slabbed ? R
  4. secret santa

    1863 penny.....

    Hi Bluebenz - looks like a normal 1863 to me. The 3 is a little further to the right than usual maybe but sadly nothing to get too excited about in my view.
  5. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Lovely ME portrait (no stops after B & M and BRITT & OMN further apart) R
  6. secret santa

    1918 KN pennies

    I bought my example in 2002 where it was just described as having 3 lines emerging from the queen's neck but then a similar coin but dated 1878 was sold on Ebay in 2013 (again by Topcarp I think) described as the "crow's foot", and that's all I've ever seen about it, plus Topcarp's current listing. So I think JJ may have christened this flaw but may have never formally documented it.
  7. secret santa

    1918 KN pennies

    Thanks Pete. Here's the link to that penny (I follow Topcarp he always has great coins), and that's MUCH more like a birds foot than the GV exmaples.. Didn't know it extended to Victorian series too though, is there any literature on it? This must be a die clash too, it's a lot more obvious where it came from on this type. I've got a very similar 1877 example on my website and when you see the obverse and reverse side by side, you can easily see how it's caused by a clash with Britannia's robes from another penny's reverse. (Topcarp is John Jerrams I think ?)
  8. secret santa

    Narrow date 1880

    Just looked at my 1880 F99 and there is definitely the trace of a slanted 8 under the second 8 and the O of ONE also shows signs of rework !
  9. secret santa

    Narrow date 1880

    Good spot Terry - Michael Gouby's Victorian Penny book does picture a narrow 1880 and it's difficult to see whether your date is even narrower than his - there's not much in it. Even so, he'd only heard of 1 such example so it's not at all common. Richard
  10. secret santa

    1880, 8 over 8 Penny

    Hear, hear - great coin (or should it be here, here ? I've never known which is correct)
  11. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    Jerry, I sent Michael pictures of yours and Terry's coins and he was very interested and has read all the posts on the subject. He doesn't seem to think that there's any other significant differences between the 2 obverses but with the caveat that he's only seen photos and much prefers to look at actual coins before making judgements. Richard
  12. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    Just checked mine and they're the old 2 (D).
  13. That's interesting. Gouby's "cannonball" penny is a wide date 1875 with the dot in a slightly different position in my opinion- see thumbnail. However his dot by the I of VICTORIA penny which is just like yours is also a wide date penny
  14. I have 1903 open 3's with wavy bottoms (!)
  15. The curved/flat based letters occurs on Victorian silver too, as well as Australian pennies. I think it's got to do with metal flow, possibly during working die production. It's a smokescreen to lure people away from looking for that new obverse D !!!!!! There's a new obverse? Not a new Edward obverse - I was referring to the new Victoria D obverse.
  16. It's a smokescreen to lure people away from looking for that new obverse D !!!!!!
  17. Looks like I might have a rarity !!!!!
  18. The E of ONE tends to be the same as the E in PENNY so I think it may be a different die but who knows ? (And before you say it, Rob, who cares !)
  19. On the subject of 1902 (high tide) pennies, has anyone else noticed that the E in PENNY can have either a flat foot or a curved foot ? See thumbnails.
  20. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Just watched this early beaded pattern (F763) on Ebay go from £21 to £271-66 in 10 seconds !!!!!!
  21. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    Ummmmm, I see what you mean Jerry - the photo of obverse D in Gouby's Victoria publication is exactly the same as your new D, with those areas "missing".
  22. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    Perhaps I do.
  23. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    For me, the other significant difference is the apparent missing chunks below the fabric rose and Victoria's cape (on the new D) when comparing the "new" obverse with my own F10. See pictures, Ooops, I've just discovered that I don't know how to attach thumbnails....... Help !!!!!!!!
  24. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    Michael Gouby is currently in Paris celebrating his wife's birthday. He will get back to mundane matters like this exciting new find when he returns !
  25. secret santa

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    F19 - as far as I know there is only one (disputed) specimen - others may know better !!!!! I hope that there is no dispute regarding the one Freeman 19. Unfortunately not good enough grade to count the border teeth. Brilliant, Terry, for your new discovery !! Bernie. sounds like you own that F19 - picture please - I've never seen it. Richard