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  1. What peckris said is it i personally think, i started in 2013 collecting and wanted all copper+silver dates from 1900-1970 so had to get the 1927 3d and florin proof to complete this goal
  2. thought so thanks for confirming, i appreciate you looking it over
  3. Got this one, I'm no expert with the ol pennies and their varieties but it was advertised as TB/BB,
  4. definitely annoys me too, if you want to lose it though go to spink and try search for something, if you still have the stomach after that go to baldwins. Heritage has to be the best, at times even things miss-spelled come up, and the heritage coins come up in google image search which speeds up the process of finding the price of something Side note, the worst coin to find online sales history of is the 1 1/2 pence, there are so many different variations of what it can be called.....
  5. I have always been impressed with DNW, their website worked really well even way back in 2013 when i got my first (and profile pic) coin from them. They have a little work to do on their Archive search(works pretty well but not 100% there, needs a bit more standardising for denominations)
  6. NGC grade on this one is PF63, the TPG are normally pretty liberal when dishing out the "cleaned" details designation so i would side with it having not been cleaned from that aspect. Its at a tempting price at £650, was on my watch list before i saw this post
  7. the Spink site is probably the worst i have used to try find past auction info, seems like it cannot handle more than 1 word in a search,
  8. same, you must be my competition 😁
  9. crazy thats a lot of die cracks though, those dies must have been on their last legs surely while striking these 2 pieces
  10. rpeddie

    New forest coin find

    or ~£161,000 after DNW fees 🌚
  11. rpeddie

    Steep slabbing premiums

    I think its to do with insurance, not 100% sure because my example is the other direction. Outgoing(international) my Post office dude told me above £200 insurance it will need to go Parcelforce but under £200 it will go royal mail(USPS).
  12. rpeddie

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    House Clearance
  13. Hi, Looking to see if anyone has access to the CGS website and is able to get authentication of a coin for me? the website is a shambles and i thought they would move away from £99 required to even verify coins, unless i'm completely misunderstanding their website Coin number is 15534, what would be perfect is a screenshot of the pop report/image etc
  14. rpeddie

    Rare coin lost in post

    to add my statistics and a bit of defense on the RM side, ive sent about 600 items recorded in the last 3 years, only 1 has been lost. The 1 that was lost was my own fault really, i send everything recorded even if it is a £6 sale. I ran out of international tracked/signed bar codes and forgot to ask the PO worker to send recorded. A £135 token to USA went missing and i couldn't claim anything back unfortunately, keep an eye out for a Mary II rose pattern farthing/medallion with very green toning. So 1/600 aint too bad, of those about 10 were dodgy Russian "oblast"(top pop 1911 florin is located there now) and a 1887 PF66 cam 1/2 crown uninsured to china that i was pretty sure were going to dispensary but made it there ok(pure greed on my part) Don't lose faith in RM, just don't ever send anything unrecorded unless you want to give it to them for free.
  15. rpeddie

    Rare coin lost in post

    is there an inventory list somewhere of what is missing from Stewart collection?
  16. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    apologies to the seller and for wasting your time gents does look real to be fair when comparing against a penny the lettering and design are interestingly very different. i always thought a reducing machine was used for these, but might be too early for this tech?
  17. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    really good fake 1797 penny, a lot of subtlties are different
  18. i dont think fibers but underlying details from the over struck Spanish 8R?
  19. rpeddie

    Possible Fake Coin

    convert to a smaller size, pics will help judge whether the reduction in weight is justified
  20. love this series, ?problem? with it is in my opinion the proofs did not get much better of a strike than good, much cheaper, BU examples. I had a proof 1936 6d PF 65 and a 1935 CGS 88, i could not for the life of me spot differences. Personally wouldn't be tempted by a PF61, would probably end up going for £100-£200
  21. in some cases provenance is worth an extra $574.50 😶 Most expensive non error Churchill crown?