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  1. thanks should have added Victorian Hong Kong 1 cent
  2. 😁won myself a die instead, I'm thinking 1 cent Victoria style but open to suggestions of a more accurate direction
  3. rpeddie


    i love me some slabs let me know how you get on
  4. Nice was on my watch list i was disappointed when it sold
  5. my impression is all the modern decimal stuff is what the RM is supplying found "lying about"/left overs returned from post offices etc, they are not providing any of the pre-decimal items from their stores/museum.
  6. still a proof out there to upgrade to again though
  7. mind if i nip pictures off you of the 1936 proof set? 😁
  8. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    interesting? fake
  9. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    interesting(new?) fake
  10. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    1687 irish halfpenny, showing all the hallmarks of being cast
  11. rpeddie

    NGC Slabbing

    i'm a staunch slab defender but that one doesn't seem right to me, a lot of the high points showing wear along with most of Britannia showing wear and even missing most of her hair and pretty much no face showing? if i saw this one raw i would put it low MS? some defence for it is the fields show little/no damage and the rim looks good, also some good colour to it too which is pretty rare on a non proof for these. I fully agree with you though, this one looks about as over graded as JB's usual listings
  12. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    nice cast with no copy stamp
  13. rpeddie

    First purchase - 1928 Half Crown - Grade?

    my time to shine 😀 i cannot justify why but i have an unreasonable amount of these halfcrowns(About 65 in UNC from 1928-1936) this one looks good and i agree with the others at AUNC, some edge nicks bringing it down a little bit. Tough to picture these with their true colour, from what i see ifs reasonable purchase at £13
  14. do you have images of the Pretoria ones at all?
  15. rpeddie

    Gold proofs

    the PF62 is just a lower res image, if you look at it closely its got a bit of damage on the face as well as being significantly off centre struck for a proof.(this alone on a proof i feel is enough to downgrade) Also for once i feel the heritage image is sub par, the Japanese one is a bit better exposure and colour has been manipulated a bit
  16. and the threepence you mentioned in a previous thread is up too, gonna go for that one and be competition for me?
  17. interesting to see DNW still sell CGS coins
  18. Never seen this before, pretty weird and interesting :) 1939 Halfcrown with GV REV
  19. removed the link, wasn't sure if i should have left it in. RM are horrible at sending spam though
  20. " Want to get your paws on our brand new Paddington coin? The wait is almost over! Our official Paddington coins will be going on sale Monday 18 June. Prices start from £10. To register your interest, visit: website" from facebook, not advertising it just passing on knowledge, these will be out later next week rather than later this year
  21. rpeddie


    lovely sixpence, i was watching the recent CNG one with great interest , its the added history that aluminium was only fairly recently made a fairly common metal that is interesting. Any idea if this is the first example of an aluminium coin? recon if a country has one it would be France. I find graded coins mostly keep a consistent pricing and is mostly what i use as my "price guide"
  22. rpeddie


    the offender I still have my "job lot" of these, 40 in total all with the same grade(not all slabbed just the 1)
  23. rpeddie


    I sold a CGS 88 1935 for £150 a couple years ago, by far a more common date( this was when CGS still had a bit of reputation mind you)
  24. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    one for today from my new favourite seller
  25. I use SHIPITO, ship my items to a virtually free mailbox in the USA(they charge $2 per item processed but no standing charge) and average shipping costs are $7 or so. This is normally cheaper as most USA sellers offer free postage to the USA so international postage costs $9. This mailbox allows you to specify what to put on the customs form and i have never been charged the wrong amount(i.e not 5%) over the last few years send 22 items and all have arrived(even a couple risky £1000 purchases not insured and not tracked came ok) I can swear by them, have never been upset with what they provide I have included affiliate link i'm sure you wont mind