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  1. On 2/4/2023 at 7:28 PM, Martinminerva said:

    Definitely an 8+C#   (I was the underbidder!)   The best diagnostic is the position of the leaves of the wreath relative to the colon after DG.  On obverse 7, the two front leaves are higher and almost touch the colon.  I now have records of 18 existing.  Much rarer is the 7+C# of which I believe only 5 are known.

    The leaves near the D:G: was the note I had left to myself but I wasn't quite sure.

    Nice find anyway.

  2. Looking back at https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/great-britain-george-v-penny-1933-ms63-brown-ngc-a/a/3105-32230.s it says that year sets (as opposed to just single pennies) were interred under new buildings. My understanding was always that it was the penny but I guess that explains the 1933 proof being from a proof set. I wonder if the under foundation stones have proof sets too and the other four examples are circulation coins.

  3. Does anyone happen to have a catalogue of the Murdoch Collection from 1903-1904 handy? I saw on another site that three 1897M half sovereigns were financed by and struck for John G. Murdoch but no citation was given. I assume the auction catalogue is the source of this information but I couldn't find an accessible version online (I think there was a link available only in the USA).