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  1. I have never tried anything apart from acetone with a cotton bud. (And I will probably not try anything else). For me it is very good in dissolving a range of things such as grease. It is more volatile than the various alcohols (due to lower boiling point) and so will quickly evaporate. But I would only consider using it if there is a reason to.

  2. Croydon Coins used to be the only cheap auction charging just 5% buyer's premium. But they didn't have photos for most of their coins then and so it wasn't great for postal bidders. It has since changed hands but the name is still retained. Now it is "21% plus VAT". They even added "Unlike some other auction houses which state 28.8%." on their website.

  3. On 1/1/2023 at 9:13 PM, Bernie said:

    More Mickey Mouse rubbish, 

    That's a thought. RM will surely make a Mickey Mouse 50p soon. Municipal refuse collections started in ca 1918 and so there could be a "110 years of refuse collection" coming up. It's a key public service that we all need!


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