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  2. The change is complete. https://www.noonans.co.uk You will get redirected immediately if you use the old web address. They have also done a makeover of their site, and as Mike has pointed out, they have changed their logo too.
  3. This video clip of the White House press dinner is worth watching: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-61290695
  4. I think the onus is to show that it was done at the mint if one were to convinced others it isn't graffiti. My view is that the minting of a coin is over once it has been struck. Even if the lines were done by someone at the mint later on to illustrate something, it still wouldn't be part of the minting process. Other members might disagree of course. For the coin in the OP, I agree the lines were deliberately done but they don't look very straight. If submitted to a TPG, I assume it will only get a details grade with the descriptor "scratched" as they won't give any benefit of the doubt. The photo you just posted is some sort of pattern? What was it graded as just out of interest?
  5. For what it's worth, I think any kind of intentional change to a coin post mint is graffiti unless there is convincing provenance that it was done at the mint itself for a serious purpose. Perhaps the most practical approach is to assume that all post mint changes to be graffiti unless proven not to be the case. Otherwise, there will be endless attempts to explain why damage on coins was done for legitimate purposes.
  6. There are so many huge companies with multiple names. E.g. PricewaterhouseCoopers is known as pwc; Marks & Spencers is also known as M&S. No one have issues with their names. It's just creating some hassle for no real reason.
  7. None of the three are leaving: "In relation to the shortening of the company name from Dix Noonan Webb to Noonans, Nimrod Dix commented: “There really wasn’t much to debate when it came to which one of our surnames to run with. Pierce had the more suitable one of the three of us and was also by far the youngest, so that was an easy decision to make.” With regards to the future, Nimrod went on to say, “It did cross our minds when we decided to shorten our company name that some people might see it as a sign that Chris Webb and I were taking early retirement, so now is probably a good time to say that this is definitely not the case. I am still working full time heading up the company’s medal department with no plans to retire any time soon and Chris spends most of his time on the road seeing clients. We are excited for the future and still have a lot to do, so it might be more accurate to say that we are only just getting started!”
  8. I suspect they might refrain from changing their logo (for the short and medium terms at least). The same logo confirms that that it is still the same business and it is important to reassure clients of that. Guess we will find out in a few days time!
  9. I guess they will also have a new web address like noonans.co.uk which will immediately redirect you to their present site. Both the old and new web addresses must both get to the same site or there will be chaos.
  10. https://www.dnw.co.uk/news-and-events/latest-news/article.php?article_id=554 Their name will change at the end of this month and so it will be very soon now. Can't say I think there is any need to. Many of us refer to them as DNW rather than Dix Noonan Webb in any case.
  11. Sword


    I have seen an advert for google translate where the app can speech in real time allowing real time conversation. It can also translate images like a menu. https://uk.pcmag.com/blackberry-apps/124768/dont-speak-the-language-how-to-use-google-translate Haven't tried it myself but well worth checking out.
  12. It does look big and bright. Quite a pretty sight.
  13. Cool! I will have a look tomorrow night.
  14. Sword

    DNW Hammered Prices

    Long time no see! Nice to see you back!
  15. The tampering of the CCTV to catch Matt Hancock was undoubtedly illegal and a security risk. It was the government's job to find out who was responsible. According to skynews, two people were suspected but there was not enough evidence to charge. https://news.sky.com/story/matt-hancock-insufficient-evidence-to-prosecute-two-suspected-of-leaking-cctv-kiss-footage-12589378 With regard to the other photos, they could all be legit as far as we know. Some might even be taken with full knowledge of the people concerned. One reported photo supposedly show the PM holding a can of beer towards the camera during his birthday party. He is said to be standing next to Rishi Sunak in the image taken by an official Downing Street photographer. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-birthday-party-beer-photo-b2008215.html I hope we won't be too shocked when the photos come out after the investigation. Enough political diversion for me for now, and I will go to the other threads
  16. I agree that his wife's tax status or holding a green card when Chancellor are not resignation issues. I doubt there is any need to apologise to anyone for those things. Nevertheless, they were political errors in the sense that they have cost him something with regard to reputation. Partygate with the Prime Minister is a totally different issue. For him, it wasn't just an isolated incidence. We all have our own views on what he ought to do now, and I don't want to be dragged into a debate on this one. I will just finish with a light hearted joke: "Grandpa, how did you cope during the COVID lockdowns?" asked one of his grandchildren. "I was fine, fine, fine" replied Boris. "Your grandma was fine too. In fact, Downing Street was fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine fine fine..."
  17. Obviously, one partner has no right to "order" the other to do anything. IMHO, the question is not about her judgement but with his. He was married in 2009 and it is questionable whether he should have entered politics in 2014 if she wanted to keep her non dom status. People only have to look after themselves prior to becoming politicians. It can be viewed as an error of judgement (solely on his part) for him to accept appointments as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and as Chancellor if his wife wanted to remain non dom. Similarly, holding a green card even when Chancellor would also be viewed by many as another error of judgement.
  18. They are asking £100 for a proof 1977 silver crown!? Around 400% profit margin when sourced from eBay?
  19. Sword


    Except the victim is turning out to be a (very) tough kid in a fight. The bullying might eventually progress into the phase of breaking into his locker and stealing his homework.
  20. I bid minus half sovereign. 😁 I too have seen the video on bbc news. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-60796417 Each phone has 0.04g of gold apparently and is worth about £1.5. Hope the extraction is actually economically feasible rather than a gimmick.
  21. They are under "THE TYRANTS OF THE THAMES".
  22. Sword

    Coinstar find

    I guess the rejected coins can be donated to the "reject box" and the contents are then sold for charity?
  23. Sword


    Let's just pray that Russia doesn't want to risk a world war either. The situation with Cuba was even more dangerous and the world avoided a war even then. I am not certain if one could have replaced NATO / Warsaw Pack with something meaningful. Russia is already a permanent member of the United Nation Security Council and would probably want some form of veto in any such organisation. Incidentally, they are actually the President of the Security Council this month.
  24. Guaranteed $12 worth for only $10 😆