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  1. Love it! The individual coins are no longer collector's items but the dish on the whole is an item of beauty and rarity.
  2. Sept catalogue now online if interested.
  3. Sword


    What about them? They have obviously taken some serious abuse ...
  4. The joke is on you if a kid takes off the door handle instead of a bag of sweets...
  5. Rees-Mogg handed in a hand written resignation letter dated ‘St Crispin’s Day’ and requested that the new PM to "convey my resignation as secretary for business, energy and industrial strategy to the King". Isn't it rather poor that his handwriting is barely legible and that it wasn't sealed and written on a parchment. https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/25/jacob-rees-moggs-hand-written-resignation-letter-is-slathered-with-pretention-17633956/
  6. From memory, I think the time allowed for editing depends on your "rank" which is in turn dependent on the number of posts you have made.
  7. Sword

    Charles III portrait

    Does anyone else think it is a shame that Charles III is used in the inscription instead of Carolus III? Now the inscription is a mixture of English and Latin. Elizabeth doesn't translate to Latin and so there wasn't a choice with the late queen.
  8. I do wonder if coin cabinet makers should consider using felts made from materials that are likely to result in good (and relatively speedy).
  9. Very nice indeed. The flattening of the ear is undoubtedly due to weak striking.
  10. Sword

    Charles III portrait

    The RM might have asked for his permission to send out a number for testing. However, he had other things on his mind then and probably would have just said yes without a second thought even if he was asked.
  11. We are all in agreement that the bottom coin is better struck. For me, I often prefer a well struck George V with a trace of wear over a less well struck UNC example. However, I find the earlier portraits of George V notoriously difficult to grade from photos. For the coins in questions, I am not a fan of the strike or tone of the first coin and prefer the second.
  12. Have you got this the wrong way round? I think the bottom coin is better struck esp. for the reverse.
  13. Sword

    Charles III portrait

    Edward VIII didn't exactly follow tradition. His portrait on coins points the wrong way and his marriage was just a tad controversial by the standard of those days.
  14. Sword

    Charles III portrait

    According to BBC news, the new coins will be in circulation before the end of the year. I think from a financial view point, there is more money to be made if the RM delays commemorative coins until after the coronation. Coins commemorating QEII will sell very well as they will be the last coins of the queen. People wanting to buy Charles III commemoratives now are even more likely to do so if they have to wait after the coronation next year. The RM didn't have any issues with continuing to mint coins with the portrait of a late monarch in the past as far as I am aware.
  15. Sword

    Charles III portrait

    Traditionally, no money is issued in the name of a new monarch until after their coronation.
  16. Their T&C does state that "28 days after the sale our books are closed and no refunds will be made for any reason, and no returns accepted." Hence, I think you have passed the window of returns. Otherwise, I agree with Mike that it would be very bad for their reputation not to accept the coin in the damaged capsule. Although auction houses are not obliged to describe every imperfections (and esp to the case and capsule), ignoring complains of this type would again cost them in reputation. I once brought a slabbed coin and the cracks on the plastic slabs were not mentioned. I never brought from them again.
  17. Sword

    I'm sure that mark wasn't there before, syndrome

    You really can't blame yourself for that. Slabbing a coin would generally decrease the possibility of the surface of copper / bronze toning. But there is always a chance that it won't. However, there is no guarantee that your coin would be any better off if you didn't slab it. At least it wasn't something like verd developing due to sealed in moisture. I wonder if anyone has ever used Lighthouse Quadrum Intercept Coin Capsule . The blur states that "The insert has been modified to neutralise harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule, so that your coins are stored in a non-corrosive microclimate. The advantages of the QUADRUM Intercept coin capsule: Active protection from tarnishing for up to 15 years" Of course "up to" is not particularly comforting. Might be worth a try for copper / bronze?
  18. Sword

    I'm sure that mark wasn't there before, syndrome

    I think that is due to copper coins being more reactive than silver and is more susceptible to the effect of moisture and gases in the atmosphere. Hence copper is more likely to change even after slabbing.
  19. Sword

    I'm sure that mark wasn't there before, syndrome

    I think most of us do from time to time. The problem is that a blemish might be insignificant, but you will keep looking at it after it has been spotted.l keep mine in quadrums and so I don't need to worry about new scratches etc. But l do ask questions like if lustre has subdued on one side over time or is a carbon spot or other type of spot becoming more noticeable.
  20. Sword

    Little coins big prices

    I think you also wrote a number of articles for JN Coins on the coinage of George V during you period of absence from here. I very much enjoyed reading them.
  21. Sword

    NGC conservation problems

    I suppose the test would be to send them the silver £2 with gold plated rims where the whole coin is in one piece. If these come back with no issue, then it would confirm my suggestion. Can't say I am particularly enthusiastic about the idea of paying to "conserve" recent proofs though.
  22. Sword

    NGC conservation problems

    I think there can be gaps between the brass rim and the inner nickel plated centre where some of the "cleaning" liquid can get in. The dirty liquid comes out after time and hence the problems. Looks like sending them these bimetallic coins for "conversation" isn't a good idea.
  23. Sword

    Little coins big prices

    I do wonder what would be a good or even defensive investment today. Inflation is sky high, sterling is rock bottom, FTSE is not doing well and a (possibly long and ugly) recession is just around the corner.
  24. Sword

    Little coins big prices

    Not if you factor in inflation. The 1970 sets were issued at £3 each which is £35 in today's money. I brought a set for £17 about a year ago and thought it was expensive then.
  25. Sword

    Latest 1573 Acorn 6d acquisition

    I am thinking of getting a nice Elizabeth I 6d for my next purchase too. It will be a nice change from milled for me.