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  1. Just noted that the 1849 half farthing model is not in any of tony barters books must admit I am surprised there must be less than five or six out there.

    Must be worth a couple of hundred quid I would think .

    By the way if anyone knows tony (Yes I know he has sold his collection) would they like to mention it to him , thanks .


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  2. Well its been a year now and it seems a total stalemate between the two sides , I really dread whats going to happen over the next few years as neither side is going to win, it just points to what happened in the second world war happening again , I am just hopeing for a bit of divine intervention and a halt to the fighting .

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  3. 1 hour ago, Rob said:

    One illustrated in a publication. This coin in this case.


    Yes ,a testoon there are very few around these days and  few in good grade a pretty iconic coin really as the price tag shows.

    They tended not to get buried in hoards because they were debased silver , good silver drives out bad.

    Any that circulated circulated till they were like washers

  4. Marleybob just loves to be rencarnated, always under a different name .

    She could turn into a hindu it might help with the rencarnation , though it might not help her making up believable stories....

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  5. On 2/19/2023 at 10:24 PM, Michael-Roo said:


    I see the lucky chimney find is at £37, with 17 bids, and with 6 days still to run. I suspect it likely a few rascals having a bit of fun?

    Poor dear, she's been let down in the past by winning bidders who failed to pay up for her 1933 pennies hasn't she.

    Tsk, you just can't depend on people these days.

    So, fingers crossed this time eh? Told it may be worth around a quarter of a million, so listed on eBay, without reserve, at a starting price of 99p.🤞


    She says that all the money is going to charity but then contradicts with 10% going to charity a pile of BS


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  6. It would be really interesting to know what dates appear on the european lauer coins .

    While the golden age for Lauers minatures was  1885-1902 in the uk this might not have been the case abroad its fair to say the first world war must have stopped the trade here and brought it to a halt.

    It might be interesting to know the last dates on the Lauer coins i would hazard a guess at ther mid thirties but i could be wrong .

    Assuming Lauers production stopped around 1944 it would be a reasonable assumption  they would have stopped at least 5 years b4 then with them helping  in the war effort

  7. I saw that for sale , though expensive it really was quality stuff and i am sure you could have waited at least two or three years till something similar came on the market.

    I love the box it really is nice , you make me very jealous , moore was a master of lovely little items like this and its in super grade .

    A fantastic pick up

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  8. On 2/8/2023 at 9:37 PM, DrLarry said:

    I heard this morning, on Radio 4, that they are bringing back fawlty Towers I am not sure it would be the same without Prunella Scales ( who I have to assume could not possibly be involved) 

    Would be more appropriate to be set in a care home with the age of many of the cast - a hell of a lot are dead as well .

    I cannot feel anything as it just seems another money screwing exercise from john cleese who always defends himself by pointing a finger at all his ex wives

    and calling them gold diggers..

  9. many thanks and keep up the good work finding these lovely little coins as you the the lowlands or holland are strangely missing , strange that one .

    The map of europe has changed quite a lot since 1918  austria is quite a recent addition isn't it? I find it strange they are in there as well .

  10. Funny enough hatred of anything german lasted well into the seventies and early eighties (I remember a few old timers from the eighties that always refused to buy german made tools and cars), when it turned more to jealousy as their economy was not riped apart by the thatcher goverment and had a more progresive aproach in europe, indeed turning into the leading light .

  11. 10 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    Yes I am sure the war and anti German thinking  especially the Nurmburg connection resulted in a mass dumping.  I was thinking the other day why it would be that there are no Dutch lauer coins.  Or Netherlands more accurately.  

    A list of all counties in europe would be nice

    seeing as i only know about 6

  12. Yes they are cheap really , few people knew what the original contents were , a lot got emptied of the coins and used to hold needles or pins things like that very few were left with the coins in esp after the first world war when anything connected with germany was viewed with hatred