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  1. 22 minutes ago, Kipster said:

    Did you see Piers Corbyn and his recent stunt in a cashless Aldi where he insisted on paying for a punnet of strawberries with cash and they refused to sell them to him? The man is a weapons grade loon, but to be fair, I can see his point to some extent, even though I would have probably popped into Sainsburys instead.

    The whole issue of paying with cash will become obsolete with the generations that follow us, in the same way that music tapes, betamax videos and polaroid cameras did. I was behind a bloke in B & Q the other day and saw him pay for his stuff with his watch. I couldn't believe it, but it'll be second nature to kids that are weened on ipads and mobile apps. Cash money will die eventually with the generations that used.

    I bit like horses losing their jobs when something better turned up


    Brits urged to check purses as rare 50p coin sells for £150 after eBay bidding war – here’s how to spot it

    • Published: 19:14, 30 Jul 2023
    • Updated: 17:04, 31 Jul 2023

    BRITS have been urged to look behind the sofa for spare change after a 50p coin was found to be worth around £148.

    The special edition coin, released in 2009 to mark 250 years since Kew Gardens opened in 1759, is now worth nearly £150.00.

    Is it not amazing that journalist just keep on repeating and repeating the same old "News" after 14 years it seams that every newspaper in the uk reminds its readers to look out  for these coins every six months (Which by the way dont exist in circulation anymore)

    Roll on the new info about the undated 20p

  3. 17 hours ago, Martinminerva said:

    Apparently it was found in circulation in 1967, so assuming it was actually released in 1952 that would be about 15 years of circulation. Certainly no better than A.V.F. for me.  Wonder how many hundreds or thousands of people handled it in those 15 years not knowing what was passing through their fingers!  Similar would appear to be true of the 1954 penny, also found in circulation I believe in the late 60's !! Oh to have been a change checker then!! (But child of the 70's unfortunately so no predecimal for me as a kid - though I did find a 1920 shilling in my change as a 5p as late as 1983 !!)

    I found a 1942 florin in 1986 or so .

    I suspect the 1952 halfcrown spent a long time in a piggy bank or forgotten about in a drawer well it would have been in fine or good fine with normal circulation after 15 years

  4. On 7/28/2023 at 10:26 PM, Peckris 2 said:



    This is the currency example - as you can see it seems to have had limited circulation; CuNi halfcrowns reached that grade in only a few years.

    Halfcrowns did circulate quite a lot that coin shows all the signs of being taken out of circulation in about 1960 or so it looks like less that vf but to be sure I would have to have it in hand and i am pretty sure that will never happen LOL

  5. 9 hours ago, Martinminerva said:

    Thanks very much. The key differences I can see immediately is that this genuine one has a wide rim and the L of HALF is to a bead. The copy on the previous page has thin rim and L to gap. But the quality of the copy is pretty damn good (worryingly). Fortunately the obverse and particularly the portrait of Eddy VIII on the copies are crap!!

    Edward VIII? surely it should be George VI to make it a even slightly believeable forgery

  6. On 7/23/2023 at 10:50 PM, Peckris 2 said:

    I do remember the late 60s Coin Monthly where this find was mentioned, and the letter from the RM certifying it as genuine.

    Until decimalisation was announced as a definite thing in 1966 there was very little interest in postwar coins - I can quite imagine the halfcrown circulating without much notice, not until the Check Your Change booklet appeared, and even Coin Monthly didn't appear until late 1966.

    Yes this also contributed to the bubble in modern coins that happened in the early 70'sand  late sixties , its easy to look back in old coin monthlies from that time and be horified at the prices

    ie Mint grade 1959 halfcrown £20

    Anyone who paid those prices was well and truely stitched up