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  1. On 10/21/2023 at 3:23 PM, Varietalis said:

    1970 halfpenny D of DEI to a gap obverse 1970 halfpenny D of DEI to a gap reverse

    This £17.99 1970 set just arrived from ebay. Seller hadn't spotted that it contained the super scare halfpenny dies 3K (D of DEI to gap).

    Super scare halfpenny - should have found it on Halloween

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  2. On 8/25/2023 at 7:18 PM, alfnail said:

    Hi Mike, that coin has been sold twice before on ebay in the past 3 months, and by same seller..... previously for over £300 on both occasions. Just a word of warning if you actually bought it, that maybe it won't look so good 'in the hand'. I could be totally wrong, but did think strange that it has been returned twice already. 

    looks like some problems on the edge