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  1. On 1/20/2023 at 11:32 AM, DrLarry said:

    John Cooke and Sons : these are described as advertising pieces .  Rogers says the differences are mainly in the composition and the finishing.  I have been fortunate last year or sometime during the lost years (covid years) to have found a small haul and this gave me a chance to sift through them carefully and I identified a number of variations in the design  which I think gives us the six listed  Rogers #'s 495 to 497a  under section 17 of the book pages 62 and 63.  These new variants I have found differ in the positioning of the legend letters and the size of the letters.   There is also a variation in the die alignment as a medal strike and one as a coin strike.  It would be interesting to understand the process of manufacture and pressing of these tokens in general and I will have to attempt to find out more information 


    The quality of these John Cooke and sons pieces is very high .  If you have any please list them I will take photos over the following days.


  2. WOW thats one hell of a large collection you have there larry - god knows how much its cost you over the years .

    Looking forward to York tommorow I usually find my best stuff in the winter as well

  3. Heres an interesting To hanover counter dated 1862 with diferent sizes of datal figures one is masive and the other quite small - I imagine they were made by the same manufacturer.


  4. The 1844 dated coins were almost certainly specially minted to present as a alternative to the then circulating change , it would be fair to imagine the were given away to lobyists , MP's and various others including the mint  ,Probably as many as fourty were issued for this purpose , though it could be a lot lower than that . Many have been lost and only less than twelve are known now

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  5. Yes peter stood out on here always up for a laugh he did have two lovely daughters and a dog who he was very fond of , I surpose his daughters own his collection now but who knows.

    He always had time for everyone on here and his advice to me is sorely missed at least by me .

    RIP peter

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  6. 15 hours ago, DrLarry said:

    yeah but funny it just arrived the I is missing and it says VICTOR   A REGINA   she has one hell of a nose on her 

    She's german not jewish

  7. Just back from holiday 5 days in fuertaventura (nice and hot) stayed in a hotel in morro jabale full of germans cannot stop saying Guten Morgen  all the time now, would have  loved  Basil Faulty to have been there it would have been a scream.

  8. 12 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    Here is an interesting one I found the other day , a strange odd looking attempt to replicate the model half sovereign.  I purchased it but it has not arrived yet so cannot look at in in detail  

    Crude half Sov model.jpg

    crude Half Sov  model 2.jpg

    Looks to crude to be a lauer piece , but very interesting yes , I collect model half sovs as well .

  9. 2 minutes ago, DrLarry said:

    Oh wait I seem to recall references on the model coin section of Rogers referring to him 

    Magnay, David Edgar (1942-2009)
    Contributors to British Numismatics 24 July 2021
    Biographical and Other Notes
    Spent his early years in the UK and Singapore. Educated in Northumberland and
    aged 18 joined Lloyd’s Bank in Southampton. In 1960 his interests changed from
    stamps to coins. He moved all over the country with his job, rising to senior
    manager of the Liverpool City centre branch and senior commercial manager in
    Cardiff, living in Cowbridge. On being made redundant in the late 80s he founded
    The Business Mortgage Company Ltd. from which he retired in 1998. He spent 37
    years in the Territorial Army. He specialized in toy coins and model money,
    Victorian pattern pennies (DNW February 1999) and helped D. Roger’s with his
    book Toy Coins (1990) and D. Young and J.G. Scott’s book on imitation spade
    guineas. Regular at Token Congress and many articles published.

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