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  1. Back from all the sillyness (that I started!) sorry, and on to the original post.

    The value of money in williams time and what it bought would not really equate very well to translating a wage back then to what a wage buys now.

    Remember lots of clothes and everyday items , soap, food, water (clean in mean!)would have been luxury products and well beyond most peoples wages .

    Weak beer was what most people used to stave off thirst a visit from a doctor would have been very expensive (and that is even if you don't mind leaches.)

    Mass production and the chemical industry and science advances since this time have changed our values and the way we value money or goods on an unprecidented scale.

    Remember the silks from china that would cost a king's ransom back then and even the craze for delft wear (these china pieces are probably worth little more than 300 years ago) even taking inflation into account, which is very important

  2. Maybe the afore mentioned dealer does not actually clean coins he just buying in cheap cleaned coins and sells them as "full lustre" etc.

    Even a dealer must have standards

  3. I to think there is nil investment potential in the undated 20p coins , the most i got for one was £70 which i took and reinvested via paypal in decent collectable coins.

    I am happy to keep one of the kew gardens 50p coins though - it is really atractive and they will soon have all disappeared from circulation leaving few hanging about 210,000 mintage is really low for any modern coin .

    If that london mint office had given the same publicity to the general public about the scarcity of these 50p coins the would it be worth £50 each now ????

  4. I have found several 2010 kew gardens coins in change (along with several undated 20p coins )

    All have been sold except for the nicest 50p in a/unc which i a keeping as a keepsake. :D

    Welcome Copper123

    You are very lucky to find those coins in change.

    I have been looking for years,even the village PO checked for me.

    The mint messed up on the mintage for Kew garden 50p's which has now been corrected.The damage was done and now Ebay prices are still too high.Well done on shifting the 20p's they will be worth £20 for the next 60 years (like 50,51 pennies....hyped)