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  1. I see on the freeman rarity scale that only one in a hundred or so 1876 H farthings are the large 6 variety possibly even less

    this being the case I think it is seriously underrated.

    1876 H farthings are quite scarce (esp in VF and above)and they remain with 1863 and 1875 as the key dates in the bronze series

    We all know freemans rarity scale is often wrong, but not usually by much and as it is just an intelligent guess really.

    How many have you seen please colin?

    I am pretty sure it will not have been many.

  2. I must say as well idiot buyers don't just bother with ebay they also attend auctions as well - when a coin in a major l

    London auction house goes for a fantastic price (due to two buyers wanting the same coin ,just like on ebay) , these forums are abuzz with Wow did you see that auction result, etc.

    Common sense is not (often) a factor when two dedicated buyer want something :)

  3. I recently picked up a 1876 H farthing in about Fine or better for about £7 at a local collectors fair , my question is anyone know the current value of this coin please ?

    They don't really seem to come up for sale very often and hopefully I will be able to upgrade it at sometime , but it will do in the meanwhile. :D

    PS I know I got it at a great price as 1876 H is an underated date and this is the first large 6 i have ever seen

  4. In a lot of ways ebay laughs on this forum really sums up the general public's lack of knowledge about numismatics - well we all go on it and have a laugh at the polished buttons described as near mint , and the metal detector finds of blank corroded pennies .

    Things ain't gonna change overnight guys and in the end the only person in this numismatic jungle who is really to blame for buying rubbish is the buyer :o , no matter how wise or foolish this person might be.

    In the end just make sure it ain't you that's buying the unsellable rubbish