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  1. Funny enough the 1855 ww raised farthing is far rarer than the ww incuse coin but it often struggles to reach even a premium over the price of a ww incuse coin - it seems collectors are very reluctant to pay any sort of premium for it .

    Maybe collectors only want one example of this date.

  2. The trouble is both the American market and the UK market seem to have taken different paths over the last twenty years or so with collectors in both countries totally sure their country is taking the right path .

    While both countries have much in common the paths and developements in the field of coin dealing they are miles apart

  3. thanks for very informative answer - surpose the big loss to the treasury in the big meltdown and recoinage of the copper halfpennies and farthings in 1796 - 1797 was fadeing into the past and a more liberal and enlightened era was approaching.

    Also i am not actually sure of the legal standing of these" bank tokens" ie were they official currency or just considered as something else.

    To be fair the most copied coins i know are George III halfpennies 1775 and the 1816-1820 issue shillings , there are hundreds of thousands out there.

  4. Incidentally my brother has met jon anderson a few times and every time he said the guy appeared to be tottally out of his tree , admitiedly it was straight after a yes concert , he says he wanders round hugging and shaking hands saying peace and love crap and not really responding to any questions .

    I bet hes been the same for fourty years now.

    yes are the band that has made the least over the years from cover versions!!!!