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  1. Incidentally my brother has met jon anderson a few times and every time he said the guy appeared to be tottally out of his tree , admitiedly it was straight after a yes concert , he says he wanders round hugging and shaking hands saying peace and love crap and not really responding to any questions .

    I bet hes been the same for fourty years now.

    yes are the band that has made the least over the years from cover versions!!!!

  2. I see a much superior mule farthing has appeared for sale on ebay at the same price as the platt coin .Strange thing is even though it is considerably nicer it has less than six watchers and the platt coin had around 24 at the last time i looked.

    How can this be the guy has no reputation at all, except for selling overpriced, cleaned rubbish.

    You coin collectors are a strange lot.

    Or maybe it is being watched by you lot on here looking for shilliing evidence

  3. I really find it strange that people on here will not believe that a wreath crown might circulate, while the mintage on these coins is really low you have to remember the 1930's were lean times for many, and just as the worldwide economic upturn came along world war II started.

    A crown in the mid nineteen thirties was an item was an item of considerable value .

    Remember many of these crowns were left at the bottom of a drawer just gathering dust , many young children must have come across them while "hunting for treasure" and some when they found the coin would have taken it straight down to the local sweet shop and spent it.

    While it would not be the norm for it to circulate , I am sure a few did.