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  1. If coins are acceptable is totally up to the buyer - I must admit I personally am very surprised by the sellability of cleaned coins these days , back 20 or 30 years ago the coins fetching good money on ebay, would have been considered almost worthless (mostly silver by the way), cleaned copper and bronze is another matter.


  2. There was no more chase, you just waited for the next set to appear ever few weeks. The post office was just churning out more and more junk issues for collectors purely as a revenue stream. I think coin collecting is going the same way. Who in there right mind collects modern commeratives?2

    Very true - but it is really wrong to dismiss the recent output of the mint the 50p issues have been very good and will draw coin collectors in for many years to come - the kew gardens 50p for instance. :D

    we will need new blood to come into the hobby or it will die, just as surely as collectors lost interest in stamps in the seventies and early eighties

  3. The 1876 H seems to have been the one to invest in along with 1875 no H I agree .

    Funny enough I am finding 1872 a bit of a bitch to upgrade, at a reasonable price, and I totally agree with your 1869 comments.

    1875 H, 1884 , 1885 and 1886 seem now to be a lot more common than they were years ago even in the top grades , though this is also exagerated by the hoard of 1886 farthings that colin cooke bought some years ago.

    I also have invested in a really lovely 1895 old head that i got for less than £10 in Gef - Aunc grade from an american would you believe. :D

  4. I would get rid of the coin at anything over £600 .

    Invest it in something something interesting victorian or before

    Ooh, ignoring Edward VII, the scarcest reign of modern times, and George V, arguably the most interesting reign of modern times?

    Surely Edward VIII coins are the rarest of all modern coins :D - I must admit i love Edward V11 coins as well