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  1. I find the prize draw on entry a very strange thing - i mean surely you are either interested in coins or not - they cannot be after attracting "passing trade" as coin people look forward (and save up ) to these fairs often for months .

    Surely attracting passing trade is a bad thing as they would just spoil the show for everyone else, nobody wants to push their way through dozens of people only attracted in by the prize draws

  2. i have spent hundreds of fake pound coins , there are loads in circulation BOE sez at least 5% in circ are fakes.

    Why do i say it's a fake?

    The details on both the obverse and reverse are indistinct and less good than u would expect a genuine coin to have - in particular the queens hair is very flat - also there is a massive crack on the reverse royal mint would spot that and pull die out of production

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  3. Funny enough though the 2009 proof and unc sets are very common and would fetch more or less than issue price a few years ago they are now all the rage on ebay fetching big £££££.

    It is actually the circulating 50p coins that are rare , the proofs and to a lesser extent the unc sets really common.

  4. So I would guess press manipulation of the public and their interests in numismatic circles is more a modern thing then , it's not as though the low mintage of the kew gardens 50p was a big secret or anything it's not , i must have picked around 12 or so from change at work over the years , funny enough since the press announcement i have seen none

  5. Watching bemused as the revelations in the press on the undated 20p and the low mintage rare kew gardens 50p i wonder did these announcements in the press always follow the same formula , say back in the mid sixties

    ie, press announces to the public that 1949 and 1946 threepence coins are rare , hysteria among the general public follows with frantic change checking , leading to there being none of the coins in circulation in three months time.

    i surpose there are a few old timers out there who might remember but i am a little too young (thank god for that really , i feel ancient!)