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  1. So I would guess press manipulation of the public and their interests in numismatic circles is more a modern thing then , it's not as though the low mintage of the kew gardens 50p was a big secret or anything it's not , i must have picked around 12 or so from change at work over the years , funny enough since the press announcement i have seen none

  2. Watching bemused as the revelations in the press on the undated 20p and the low mintage rare kew gardens 50p i wonder did these announcements in the press always follow the same formula , say back in the mid sixties

    ie, press announces to the public that 1949 and 1946 threepence coins are rare , hysteria among the general public follows with frantic change checking , leading to there being none of the coins in circulation in three months time.

    i surpose there are a few old timers out there who might remember but i am a little too young (thank god for that really , i feel ancient!)

  3. wasn't he the one born of victoria , queen victorias oldest ofspring who started the first world war - a very bad man - also many believe the reporations from the first world war caused the second so in the end he was responsable for quite a few european deaths .

    i do belive he retired in exile and live to a good old age as well - there is never any real justice is there?

  4. name always change you just look at the names of the roman emperors in the first second and third and fourth centuries they were changing pretty rapid back then . look at the popular names 100 yrs ago and compare them to now heeps of difference .

    I would emagine in another 100 years exactly the same thing will happen again.

    in other words savanah , sky, peaches fifi trixabell or chantel will have died out and newer ones will have arived instead

  5. I am not blaming scotland for anything , is there really a point complaining about the poor state of the roads when there is a darn mountain in the way wherever you want to put a road .

    One of the main reasons that the roads are in a state is because half of you lot deserted the place in the early sixties and the seventies 'cause there was so few jobs- those that didn't leave were either pensioners or unemployed (remember rab c )

    You could buy a cottage in scotland for £100 in the late sixties it would be worth £300,000 now a a stockbrokers weekend retreat

  6. While Scotland itself has produced a massive amount of oil which England (or westminster if you like) has depended the honest truth is scotland is a very expensive county to run , its transport system is in poor condition and cost many times what the transport system in England costs while being used by very few people (The only really busy roads i have ever been on in scotland are between edinburgh and glasgow and the motorway to Glasgow.

    The health system is also plagued by the same problems .

    That was the reason i said Westminster would not be bothered we might have raped the country for the last thirty years but the darn place certainly added a large amount to the national debt between 1707 and 1968.

    Will they be offering to take their share i wonder or will that salmon turn into a slippery customer

  7. With the rather surpriseing news of the death of the pound coin , another question came into my head

    With all the mistakes the royal mint has been doing over the last few years , has anyone found a pound coin with the wrong edge on , say an English shield with a welsh edge

    Surely with the number of coins produced of many different types there is a pound coin with the wrong edge somewhere , well plenty forgeries have the wrong edge , but how about a genuine one ?

    Chris have you ever seen one?