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  1. copper123

    Peck and Farthings

    I am pretty sure that the penny series is much more complicated than farthings , I will put the obverse of my 1880 three berries on this evening , they used to fetch big money in the seventies and eighties but the market is only luke warm at the best these days
  2. copper123

    More Pennies

    nice ship and waves sez it all really
  3. copper123


    For the same reason young people dont seem to value saving into a pension - lots will spend their old age regreting it
  4. copper123


    Even Rogers knew there were more than that - after all there were 100 copies of his book made , and they are pretty hard to find at this time. I have wanted one for ages
  5. copper123


    I surpose rarity puts a lot off, who wants to wait five years for a set you want off ebay when we live in a "I want it now " society and people simply expect everything delivered at the push of a button.
  6. copper123


    I did say minimum , it could also fetch a lot more , if its unlisted by rogers it makes it really rare , could fetch anything....
  7. copper123


    I would say its worth £120 minimum there again it take two to start a bidding war. A couple of the silver coins don't look to clever but as a whole its a great set I will have to carry on picking them up as singles :0)
  8. copper123


    Wow, great , a much rarer set than 1902 and 1887 sets are much more common ,wish i could afford to buy sets like that in the original box it must have cost a pretty penny
  9. I also wonder if Mary austin has actually done the right thing over the years , Freddies mansion, (It was a mansion) could have been opened to the public in a tastefull way of course ,and the garden lodge could have been a massive earner for AIDS charities instead of being just another big house in chelsea . Well what is done is done, and at least the majority of the cash will be heading to charity
  10. copper123


    Would have been fantastic with a few original coins in there
  11. Oil is not something normally something that is associated with snooker but I surpose its safer to protest in a snooker hall rather than throw yourself under a formula one car after all look what happened to that suffragette in 1913
  12. seen them in the canary isles - mind you everything grows there...
  13. copper123


    By the way heres the difference between a coin with its silver coating and one with none
  14. copper123


    Take a look at this is it in Rogers? Clearly in the wrong metal might be a one off but I doubt it as I own two!
  15. copper123


    Well depends how much , tin is fairly unstable but given its cost probably the most likely . Would explain why most silver coins are now in a poor state . Pretty sure they have an iron core...
  16. copper123


    Does anyone know what the metal is coating the "Silver" coins that Lauer produced my best bet is aluminium but I dont know if anyone has looked into it - I am pretty sure its not a thin coat of silver . Rogers book would probably tell me but I don't have a copy....
  17. copper123


    Think I would prefer the coins , LOL.