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  1. copper123

    1953 Farthing

    just a minute is not 2 -b the rare one?
  2. copper123

    1953 Farthing

    oh thanks sorry about that - even so it does look like a frosted finish
  3. copper123

    1953 Farthing

    I think i may have a 1-B proof anyone want to see pics ? Its in my collection
  4. Thank god for the recent rain we have needed it up north as well - I do know that the south is pretty desperate so presume its been very wellcome
  5. copper123

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    Many folks just pic the rarest coin in a series and claim there's is that . It's pointless emailing and telling them they are wrong , they are not interested
  6. Gold shines yes and theres lots of that in circulation isn't there LOL
  7. Is that artificial grass i spot there, tut, tut. A shotgun does wonders against tree rats I here , its not illegal as they are immigrants .They make a great stew I here. A couple of outdoor chairs would give it more a lived in feel.
  8. Looking better certainly - its got lots of promise
  9. Like a criminal or terrorist then - by the way I am pretty sure they make more from coins that DON'T circulate now many circulating coins probably cost way more to produce than their face value. I am pretty sure soon you will be seeing in the papers about bronze pennies and twopences being melted
  10. By doing this they put themselves in a "Conflict of interests" between themselves and the public . In other words they end up making more money from the public and "Investors" At least if these were sold by an unrelated auction house there would be no connection between the producer and the consumer.
  11. totally stunning , acers are to gardeners now as rhodenendrons were to the victorian gardener. They can be a bit fussy with the soil they are in, but when they like a position the really excell themselves
  12. I bought the loveliest little Acer from asda the other day for a fantastic £4 for that price you are not to bothered if it fails to mak it into next year
  13. Sadly there are many people who will take advantage of someone who cannot (due to age or other reasons) do their garden I have been improving mine for nearly four years now and even some of the basics like the pond i have planned to do have not been done . There will come a time when I cannot do heavy work , its rapidly aproaching If only life was as easy as "Garden Rescue"
  14. the great thing about a garden or even a back yard is its your space you dont have to spend a fortune on it as long as you give it plenty basic work a few hours a week it will pay you back a hundred fold
  15. My lovely bottle brush tree died during the winter along with a few other temp sensitive plants , but at the moment the garden is just a pleasure to be in and its still work in progress on it a true labour of love
  16. copper123

    More Pennies

    The thing about 1826 pennies is they are fairly common so you would not emagine its worth passing of forgeries as the real thing
  17. copper123

    More Pennies

    Really looks quite convincing the reverse looks a little weakly struck but could easy pass off as real Unlike the 1945 silver threepence on ebay up for sale at £95,000 its obviously a fake
  18. copper123

    Coin prices continue to rise

    Imodium is good for the runs
  19. copper123

    Coin prices continue to rise

    And I have two - Oh dear I feel a new south sea bubble coming on
  20. copper123

    Halfpenny ID check

    Dianne abbott calculation maybe
  21. was on antiques road show sunday as well
  22. It really depends on if a collector wants to pay a little more for a "Variety" you could add aprox 40% on the coins selling price , if it does not sell its not worth that ,so move it down a little, - its all market forces , me myself I would put an extra £40 on the selling price and try that .
  23. The strange thing about bronzed proofs is we know little or nothing about how they were made both the soho period and the later 1831 and victoria proofs are really anoying