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  1. Even the oldest people are now paying for lots of small purchaces on contactless admittedly its really popular but few places are refusing cash as well I am pretty sure it will take another five years or so for major refusals of cash to become the norm
  2. copper123


    He was wrong the smallest coin is the 16th farthing I have two of those
  3. copper123


    I found a yh Parthing in my collection , its in nice grade too , I thought they all were spelt PARTHING ,shows what I know , I really do need roger's book
  4. they were considered more as small change a bit like a 10p is these days , funny enough theres not a lot you can buy with a 10p
  5. I would say thats about right ,smaller coins like sixpences and shillings tend to circulate less freely and seem to remain in better condition than halfcrowns after 15 years or so, a shilling would prob be in NVF grade
  6. I found a 1942 florin in 1986 or so . I suspect the 1952 halfcrown spent a long time in a piggy bank or forgotten about in a drawer well it would have been in fine or good fine with normal circulation after 15 years
  7. Halfcrowns did circulate quite a lot that coin shows all the signs of being taken out of circulation in about 1960 or so it looks like less that vf but to be sure I would have to have it in hand and i am pretty sure that will never happen LOL
  8. Edward VIII? surely it should be George VI to make it a even slightly believeable forgery
  9. Yes this also contributed to the bubble in modern coins that happened in the early 70'sand late sixties , its easy to look back in old coin monthlies from that time and be horified at the prices ie Mint grade 1959 halfcrown £20 Anyone who paid those prices was well and truely stitched up
  10. copper123

    George Alagiah

    You enter politics to enrich yourself and sod the rest
  11. The males can be a bit vicious esp around chick time . I remember paul merton saying swan upping should be illegal on H.I.G.N.F.Y. it got a good laugh.
  12. copper123

    Little coins big prices

    For those who might have a few 1953 plastic sets hanging around or o few 1953 crowns. 1953 pennies are fetching £15 in BU with halfpennies fetching a tenner A nice 1953 crown now fetches abour £6 after being almost unsellable at the start of the year
  13. copper123

    1981 25p "Experimental Coin"

    Yes more a symbol of greece than the uk , though a few do like our waters
  14. copper123

    1981 25p "Experimental Coin"

    A bit too male looking to be "Britannia in my book , do we really need a non -binary on a coin ?
  15. copper123

    1981 25p "Experimental Coin"

    If sold it should go under the title of "Experimental CN test coin unknown value" that would be the most honest title. I must admit that Britannia making all the coins personally brings a smile to my face.
  16. copper123

    1981 25p "Experimental Coin"

    there was a 25p coin anyway - the crown
  17. copper123

    1879 Penny shuttle variety

    Nice big gap there between L and O
  18. We are of course very lucky to have the gulf stream - without it these isles would be more like Canada in the winter - please god , no , I just hate my winter bills as they are nevermind a -30 ,in that temperature I am pretty sure I would be stuck at home in the winter for four months.
  19. copper123


    I have looked thoroughly through google and they appear to have disapeared from the earth . I wonder why?
  20. The truth is if you yourself are convinced its a special strike then bid a bit extra for it , it can never be proved if it is, or isn't, but if you yourself can see a reason to bid extra for it then there has to be others out there that would belive the same . Personally I would never pay a masive premium for one of these coins but hey, I am not the whole of the English collecting public am I?