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  1. copper123

    Tiny Coin Found - possibly Celtic?

    there's a test for that
  2. Bah , any excuse for late delivery. Waste of a penny if you ask me
  3. copper123

    Wanted: honest UNC ‘or near so’ Victoria Bun Penny

    Computer design operator?
  4. copper123

    San José shipwreck treasure

    Seems right it should at least end up owned by a south American country instead of the Spanish
  5. copper123

    more FAKES

    A bit like pissing in the wind , makes you feel good but leaves you totally exasperated
  6. copper123

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Ebay is an auction - but not very well policed
  7. copper123

    1551 MM Y silver coins

    There was a recoinage about that time so could be poss - a good book on hammered silver should tell you
  8. Don't know about anyone else but mines bloomin' lovely this year. Its all the sun and rain no faded lawns that need the rain like in the past few years
  9. copper123

    Tiny Coin Found - possibly Celtic?

    weight should be enough - prob a common tourist piece
  10. Doubt if he would be giving free postage away now at its price now
  11. copper123

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Super scare halfpenny - should have found it on Halloween
  12. copper123

    1698 Half penny

    whoops looks like i must have sold both my coins sum tome ago sorry
  13. While most gardening stops around this time of year there are still plenty other things you can do dividing hostas pruning and pruning roses, etc. The wonderful time comes in the spring really , I got plenty bulbs in for a great new year
  14. I thought the wood takes two years to dry out
  15. seem to remember the name
  16. copper123

    Tiny Coin Found - possibly Celtic?

    would say looks more like a Greek coin not sure if its genuine though
  17. copper123

    NEW 2023

  18. copper123

    NEW 2023

    I cannot wait for someone to say "Why is there a turkey on this coin"
  19. copper123

    Small selection model/toy coinage

    I would imagine that you will get £25 for the lot £30 would be good .
  20. copper123

    Small selection model/toy coinage

    Got them all the model penny is nice thouh just missing a bit of lustre
  21. As the actress said to the bishop