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  1. :blink: No thanks. i always hope my death would involve cats or guns. Tripping over a cat ? Sounds a really boreing death to me. And by the way death was not mentioned - just something that far more pleasureable
  2. Marina - in my eyes that conjours up a couple of things from the mid sixties. The lovely bardot inspired puppet that always came to troy tempests rescue. Or maybe just a pier that stinks of fish
  3. Oh chris your a real doubting Thomas arn't you . Even to the point of thinking she was not female...
  4. 26 years old and born in 1975 ???? Someone is telling porkies
  5. If she wants a boy Hello17 might be suitable- I suspect she might have him for breakfast though. A bit like Jordan did with Garath Gates......
  6. Looks like she would have my collection put on ebay , sold and dissappear into the night
  7. copper123

    Bullion Shops

    I always look at the scraped silver in a local scrap dealers stall he is at all the local collectors fairs /flea markets. The saddest thing is the silver medals from the first world war probably sold for £17.50 or so , it really was not worth selling them 10 years ago - they would have fetched a £5 note. To just hold one and think about what the holder had to do for the medal breaks your heart. £17.50? The darn things should be priceless!
  8. Americans DON'T hate slabs at all scott ,(And it's by far the biggist numismatic market in the world). It's just this tiny island over the pond (and most of europe too ), that hate the darn things
  9. VERY impressive! . Surely you could pass that off for serious money now , was the plug all silver? I have often wept at lovely coins with a hole on them- proper coin collectors consider them almost worthless.
  10. VERY impressive! . Surely you could pass that off for serious money now , was the plug all silver? I have often wept at lovely coins with a hole on them- proper coin collectors consider them almost worthless.
  11. same goes with the 1895 halfpenny as well - but really i would expect the buyer to go for a more common date like 1901 they are pretty cheap
  12. A 1902 halfpenny in around mint state should have a lot of appeal to a type set collector. This might account for some of the silly prices offered. But if you just wait and are prepared to be outbid a few times you should get a nice one on the bay for £40 - £70 depending on it's grade and if anyone else wants it.
  13. copper123

    London Mint Office

    Avoid the london mint office like the plague unless you want to buy unsellable crap.
  14. copper123

    London Mint Office

    You would need nad's like a bull and a brain the size of a pea if you hope to make a profit out of anything the london mint office sell. LOL I do know they sell a mean plastic gold plated ingot
  15. copper123

    Soap tax

    Did you know that a tax on soap was a major earner for the government for many years, earning as much as 10% of all government revenue until it's abolition in 1853. To raise a similar amount now tax on soap would have to be around £100 a bar based on an average consumption of ten bars a year by the average person. This also assumes that usage does not go down with people using fairy liquid or other related products instead of soap
  16. Try getting him into crowns from the sixties ,seventies and early eighties. They are really cheap and will be fun for him as well
  17. Funny enough seller does not say if it is 9 carat 18 carat or 21 carat gold - it's a bit important is it not?
  18. copper123

    1775 Halfpenny

    And that george washington probably used this as admission to a public toilet in 1776 $500 -$1500 guaranteed
  19. The seller will be so pleased with you argent NOT <<< LOL better disguise yourself now
  20. copper123

    London Mint Office

    To describe this stuff as junk is doing it a favour. Think very carefully before parting with good money for this rubbish. In two hundred years time you would be lucky to get your money back off this pile of c**p Invest in bullion pennies for their bronze content or scrap silver but not this
  21. i was lucky enough to get around £20 for one of these once - there a few avid collectors around , They are always brass never silver or gold
  22. copper123

    Another large detecting find

    Found in the woods - obviously an early example of a "hedge" fund
  23. copper123

    china coin

    "puppet" government - kind of reminds you about the lib dems Or should that be muppet
  24. copper123

    1775 Halfpenny

    Oh by the way the american's love these and they can sometimes go for silly prices on ebay