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  1. copper123

    Removal of 5p and 10p from circulation

    Maybe it will not be long till the undated 2008 20p coins outnumber the dated ones as the royal mint gets on with the job of melting down the old currency and issueing the new!
  3. freeman 530 found today in a £1 junk box at a local collectors fair. Adds to the other 15 or 20 or so known examples . Just shows it can be done
  4. If coins are acceptable is totally up to the buyer - I must admit I personally am very surprised by the sellability of cleaned coins these days , back 20 or 30 years ago the coins fetching good money on ebay, would have been considered almost worthless (mostly silver by the way), cleaned copper and bronze is another matter. IF YOU DON'T FIND CLEANED COINS ACCEPTABLE KEEP IT REALLY SIMPLE AND DON'T BUY THEM!
  5. There was no more chase, you just waited for the next set to appear ever few weeks. The post office was just churning out more and more junk issues for collectors purely as a revenue stream. I think coin collecting is going the same way. Who in there right mind collects modern commeratives?2 Very true - but it is really wrong to dismiss the recent output of the mint the 50p issues have been very good and will draw coin collectors in for many years to come - the kew gardens 50p for instance. we will need new blood to come into the hobby or it will die, just as surely as collectors lost interest in stamps in the seventies and early eighties
  6. copper123

    Cleaning coins

    acetone is quite good - inert and does not produce a cleaned look Soap and water is pretty much the same but you might have to use a bit more elbow grease - a small pack of toothpicks is often good for getting off gunk from around lettering.
  7. copper123

    Room 101

    The royal mint in room 101? A bit harsh on a coin collecting / numismatic forum. A bit like a dog lover hateing crufts
  8. I have heard that the black finish farthings 1897-1918 look superb with a quick dip in car oil
  9. No victorian farthings are hard in good grade - except for a very few very rare varieties. Which makes them ideal for collecting doesn't it. IMHO a collection of top grade bronze halfpennies is much , much harder
  10. The 1876 H seems to have been the one to invest in along with 1875 no H I agree . Funny enough I am finding 1872 a bit of a bitch to upgrade, at a reasonable price, and I totally agree with your 1869 comments. 1875 H, 1884 , 1885 and 1886 seem now to be a lot more common than they were years ago even in the top grades , though this is also exagerated by the hoard of 1886 farthings that colin cooke bought some years ago. I also have invested in a really lovely 1895 old head that i got for less than £10 in Gef - Aunc grade from an american would you believe.
  11. Strange thing about 1895 YH farthings was they were massively overvalued in the sixties and seventies but now never seem to have recovered to any sort of premium level since their collapse in value (or stagnation at least), over the last twenty five years or so.
  12. copper123

    1983 2p NEW PENCE! value?

    Ooh, ignoring Edward VII, the scarcest reign of modern times, and George V, arguably the most interesting reign of modern times? Surely Edward VIII coins are the rarest of all modern coins - I must admit i love Edward V11 coins as well
  13. copper123

    1983 2p NEW PENCE! value?

    charles will be the next in line for the throne , unless you know for certain he will die before his mother..
  14. copper123

    1983 2p NEW PENCE! value?

    i find it strange you say the coin is increaseing in value rapidly
  15. copper123

    1983 2p NEW PENCE! value?

    I would get rid of the coin at anything over £600 . Invest it in something something interesting victorian or before
  16. probably it would be best for a potential buyer of the above 3d to make his own mind up if it is proof or currency- in the end the buyer decides. Ebay the coin with virtually no complex details and it will find its own value. Personally these coins (3d's) do little for me , I prefer the silver ones but I known others love them
  17. I would guess that about 50% of 1953 plastic sets probably got broken up probably mostly before 1960 Most of the coins were then spent after the excitement of the coronation had passed. It's only a guess but judging on all the circulated 1953 penny's u get probably a reasonable guess
  18. It's also true that most of the proofs are still in the original sets and therefore only available to commerce that way. Prob only 2,000 - 3,000 sets have been broken up over the years
  19. She looks like she is going to give that lovely pair of breasts a right seeing to!!!!!
  20. what a lovely edge - shame about the rest of the messing about by foolish people though. thinking about it the person that caused the damage is probably dead though it look like it was done many moons ago
  21. "pussy" happens to be a banned word on many forums - even when refering to your own cat - was surprised it was allowed
  22. hello 17 - at least you are not damaging uk coins . It was a criminal offence to do that a few years ago, (In the uk of course), so we could all have ratted on you and had you sent to a young offenders institute.
  23. Lidl had sausages on special offer the other week 49p a pound god knows what they contained
  24. copper123

    Collection of Numismatic Books