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  1. I see the ex used car salesmans mrs has a mule farthing for sale for £1250 , real bargain that isn't it chaps?
  2. copper123

    Good Fine Mule £875 Any Takers?

    Who would clean a proof set ? there were some right numpties around in the past wern't there ! Country cottage interiors ?- more Like cunrtycottagecleanedcoins
  3. you are of course very, very right many many more wreath crowns got wear from being pocket pieces than through circulation. Have you though that they maybe were kept for a time and then passed on (spent) and the next person that got hold of it maybe used it as a pocket piece as well after being showed it as a curio by a shopkeeper
  4. But surely a sixty year old sweet shop owner in say 1930 would remember well that a crown was the size of a wreath crown and also be well versed in recognising a coin that is made of 50% silver and not made for use overseas. I have seen many many 1935 and 1937 crowns with lots of circulation wear
  5. Or even a broke adult - remember this country has always gone boom - bust forget what gordon brown said about abolishing it - it still happens
  6. Oh and by the way I have accepted £5 coins as payment where i work , as i know they are legal tender - they really don't appear that often probably less than once a year unlike those pesky scottish £5 and £10 notes
  7. I really find it strange that people on here will not believe that a wreath crown might circulate, while the mintage on these coins is really low you have to remember the 1930's were lean times for many, and just as the worldwide economic upturn came along world war II started. A crown in the mid nineteen thirties was an item was an item of considerable value . Remember many of these crowns were left at the bottom of a drawer just gathering dust , many young children must have come across them while "hunting for treasure" and some when they found the coin would have taken it straight down to the local sweet shop and spent it. While it would not be the norm for it to circulate , I am sure a few did.
  8. Ah yes and John welsh has been hawking total rubbish and selling it for good money for 40 years or so a crying shame. Lets hope martin ain't around as long.
  9. Did not a Bury mp go to prison for fraud , really we should vote martin Platt MP for bury. I think you are very generous gradeing the platt mule GVF or vf - I am sure its not that nice. I think i am closer with good fine , or maybe my grading is bit strict.
  10. Peter Ireland only died a couple of years ago I think he was in his late sixties - a mear youngster compared to many dealers
  11. And nobody has mentioned farthing specialist yet , TUT ,TUT ,TUT Somebody should make up a witty saying We all no the one about golfers and their balls surely a numismatic one is needed
  12. "the pheonix" a great name You might as well burn your cash and then say a few harry potter spells and try and ressurect it LOL.
  13. Ahhh,, the numpties get the full pocket emptying treatment again after the undated 20p rip off . Any guesses on the final retail price then / My guess would be an ads in the mail and express/ telegraph , telling the story (and a great one it is too), a nice little plush box (imported from china @ £2 each. and a final sale price of £50 +
  14. I am afraid that this lot of farthings will not sell for anything like the estimate - I suspect that roughly 30 years ago loads were released onto the then fast expanding coin collecting world - this lot will in effect be the straw that broke the camels back. I would value this lot at around £5,000 and that i believe is generous
  15. ta colin sounds plauseable to me
  16. I really wonder what colin would say!!!!
  17. The London mint office could buy them up and sell them in a velvet box for £25 each as a very rare hoard coin OVER 100 YEARS OLD MINT CONDITION to their clients/ suckers. If they are up for a £100 20p it would seem like very little to ask
  18. LONDON MINT OFFICE ???? "But who's going to want to pay that sort of money for over 2700 of the same coin? Not Quite a rarity is it" Worked with them undated 20p coins
  19. This hoard is massive and far to large for the coin market at the moment to absorb. (I hope you put all notions about bidding out of your head colin)LOL Seriously though this ammount of coins should have been drip fed onto the market for many years and due to it being one of the most common dates along with 1891 and 1886 possably it was for a time. Looks like it was wraped in john minshulls lustre preserver , so undoubtedly he had a few. A brave (or foolish) mans buy i think
  20. copper123


    Don't shout, it's rude. Probably knocked up by someone in a shed as a curio and yes it's rude to shout
  21. copper123

    1901 Coins!

    Going back to the original subject - the farthing , Victoria old head I am very sure these coins become more common in the higher grades the nearer you get to the end of Victoria's reign I have only ever had to wait to get two high grade dates 1895 and 1896 , I am quite sure that 1895 is the scarcest coin of the whole series, though 1896 runs it close. It always appears that the public hoarded many farthings , even the relatively unattractive dark ones , unlike the penny and halfpennies which never seemed to get a look in for some strange reason - even today a find of a small tobacco box full of Victorian and Edwardian farthings some in near mint grade (usually the later ones) is something that every dealer comes across three or four time in his lifetime
  22. The civil war ended in 1660 did it ? I always thought this country was a republic for eleven or so years after charles's death but maybe i am wrong
  23. copper123

    1901 Coins!

    I paid 10p for my UNC but that was 30 years ago. Damm ! I was really ripped off!!!!!!
  24. copper123

    1901 Coins!

    I have I bought it seven years ago for the princely sum of £1.50. Lovely and black with that gleam that tells you it would be unc but for the mint darkened finish