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  1. On 1/14/2023 at 6:56 PM, 1949threepence said:

    Given my recent purchase of a BMC 2088 Moore pattern/model penny, dated 1844, I thought I would list on here, all the BMC 2088 specimens I could find after research, before I forget or lose the piece of paper I wrote them down on. It might prove of use or interest at some point.

    1/ Freeman auction 23.10.84, lot 252, £380 hammer, ex Foster (October 1953), ex Peck (date not known). Condition given as EF.

    2/ DNW auction 14.12.04, lot 1025, £440 hammer, no provenance stated. Condition given as EF, but poor photography. Not convinced it's quite EF.

    3/ Copthorne auction, May 2016, lot 216, £850 hammer, no provenance stated. Condition given as UNC. Looks pretty much the same as mine, which I'd class as GEF.

    4/ LCA auction 5.6.22, lot 1817, £240 hammer, no provenance stated. Condition given as VF.

    5/ The one I've just bought, January 2023, from Tim Medhurst, no provenance stated. Condition GEF with residual lustre. The reverse is not inverted - don't know about the others in this respect.  .

    6/ Noonans upcoming auction 1.2.23, estimate £300 - £400. No provenance stated. Condition given as GVF, I'd say closer to plain VF.

    Peck also mentions BMC 2087, which is the same as BMC 2088, but all brass. Not seen one of this type.


    There was also a mule version sold by LCA on 3.3.19, lot 1234, for £360 hammer, no provenance stated. Condition given as NEF. Date on the obverse, "model" on the reverse. 



    Only top one could be mine as i purchased it in 2014



  2. Hi all i've been asked at work what a50p Beatrix Potter coins worth as they are on ebay for £1k plus. But as far as i can see they have not  actually sold any, so whats the reasoning for these coins being rare and valuable