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  1. pies

    ID please

    another penny thread lol
  2. Just been cataloging my coins when it struck me i was defo missing one. My 1905 EF shilling i purchased from coin cooke Spent two hours looking for it, then calmed down and started looking logically, i found it in the little envelope the coin was dispatched in, i usually move them to my plastic wallets but for some reason i hadn't.If it was such a standout coin it could easily have been overlooked So how do you, with large collections avoid the situation
  3. All the L's seem too thick
  4. Think the estimates for the Pennies at LCA are way too low. In my humble experience rare coins are dear,quality coins are dear. Qualiry rare coins are eye wateringly dear out of my league ?
  5. pies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Explains alot
  6. pies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Has that seller had a previous name something to do with cottages
  7. pies

    New undiscovered 1860 obverse die

    Lordy Lord, you penny collectors! We are not all like that
  8. I read in another post Rob thinks there are too many penny collectors on here Can't say I've noticed that many probably could only count four or five of you, so if you're a penny collector show yourself
  9. pies

    Can anyone shed any light on these?

    Auction 56. 7 May 2008 http://www.baldwin.co.uk/auction-56/
  10. pies

    Can anyone shed any light on these?

    Only found this http://www.napoleonicmedals.org/coins/bhm-454-2.htm Baldwins sold some 3045 http://www.baldwin.co.uk/media/cms/auction-archive/auction-56/Naval%20&%20Maritime%20Medals.pdf
  11. pies

    Coin engraved with the Lords Prayer

    Mine sorry i will never sell it,purely cos it was the first coin i ever bought,sentimental old bugger me
  12. pies

    New Ebay Fee Structure

    Has anybody got an old receipt with a tracking number on, if so can they enter it into the RM website and see if it recognises it
  13. pies

    New Ebay Fee Structure

    Providing you've got proof of postage and/or the signature obtained upon delivery the only claim would be "Not as described" and I'm not sure how someone could claim it was 179 days before they noticed it wasn't as described without PayPal suspecting something fishy. The concept of retaining evidence for half a year would be mind boggling for the casual seller as opposed to any business which would keep receipts as a matter of course. So the question for them is how they store the evidence of delivery. Does the PO keep signatures for 6 months or is it less?As to the 180 day ruling, Paypal would adopt the same attitude as with something bought the day before - and then decide in favour of the buyer. Taken from RM website "Claims for loss must be made within 80 calendar days of the date of posting, or no claim will be entertained. Royal Mail has no legal liability for any loss if at the time of the claim 80 days has expired from the date of posting. Royal Mail advises customers to claim as soon as possible after an event has occurred to enable enquiries to be made promptly." Basically your f****d
  14. pies

    10p - 2p hybrid?

    You want the Churchill thread for that
  15. pies

    Which G3 HC to keep?

    Easy the 1818 . I think it's obvious why
  16. pies

    New Ebay Fee Structure

    Six months FFS!!!!
  17. pies

    10p - 2p hybrid?

    Got some pics
  18. From what I have seen over the short time I have been collecting coins is that the royal mints quality control has been and still is very poor
  19. pies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Un researched means either "we looked but it wasn't as valuable as we thought" or " its fake"
  20. pies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Really http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Midland-Bank-Money-Bag-Pre-1999-HSBC-Bank-/191164128445?pt=UK_Coins_OtherBritish_RL&hash=item2c82451cbd
  21. Surely if the mint were trialing a new portrait they would use either a blank die for the reverse or a proper reverse to see how the pair of dies worked together. I can't think why they would use two portrait dies together. Also i think the obverse and reverse dies were physically different so they would work in the presses