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  1. pies

    Beatrix Potter

    yep thats the one , i watched the prices drop year by year
  2. pies

    Beatrix Potter

    Cheers thats what i thought, i was wondering why people think there valuable, seems like the 20p all over
  3. pies

    latest acquisition ;0)

    Its not a real coin just a photoshop Peck knocked up :)
  4. pies

    latest acquisition ;0)

    Yeah, i have been watching from time to time, decided to get shot of the mortgage, thats paid of now, so i can concentrate on better coins now,. They are proving difficult to find though.
  5. pies

    latest acquisition ;0)

    thought i was going mad
  6. As of now,any body know more http://www.michael-coins.co.uk/
  7. pies


    Really, will it retone well as i cant see any hairlines
  8. pies

    1904 Penny UNC - BU

    I think you got a bargain
  9. pies


    Hello Liam, that 1853 half penny looks nice
  10. Arnt spink prices for unc actually unc with 100% lustre. That would command a premium which is where people fall down with there prices.
  11. http://www.coinsgb.com/George_V/F195_Penny.html
  12. Hi Chris, i can still see private messages between other members which i dont think i should
  13. I have been to one of there auction and there were a couple of phone bidders
  14. pies

    Patern farthing on ebay

    or soon after postie delivers, so sad its a dealer too
  15. pies

    Cleaned or not cleaned?

    Dave (azda) your mates here lol
  16. Yep its defo the feed but i thought that was like a PM, or am i now confused
  17. but why scribble on a coin , surely in a note pad would be better
  18. pies

    1851 Penny

    Looks like there is some verdigris near the trident
  19. thing is though do you bid the true value with that description, you have no comebacks at all Coin will probably be pulled before the auction for proper checking
  20. ive checked a few pics and the marks under the chin suggest to me its legit
  21. Well i will have a punt and see how it goes