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  1. so my book on grading still hasnt arrived so im making a more educated guess on the grades so from left to right EF VF EF FINE Really need to sort this uploading of pic lark im not happy at all the 1910 coin should be alot more golden than it does and it looks like its been cleaned but in the hand it certainly hasnt I shall have to try my camera and the sizes have gone to pot on the second 1902 obverse it looks like it has a long curved scratch it dosent its a hair on the scanner any opinions am i close
  2. Very nice coin you have Debbie
  3. Well i paid £40 for that hope i didnt overpay Still like the coin i prefer my 1910 shilling though
  4. Is it me or has this had the skotch bright treatment http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1905-Silver-Florin-Rare-Edward-VII-/261040250395?pt=UK_Coins_BritishMilled_RL&hash=item3cc7361e1b
  5. Would the above florin grade as GVF ta
  6. Fair comment Im actually quite pleased that im not miles apart in my very basic grading, being no more than one full grade away is better than i was last week the 1910 is currently my fav coin it looks the muts nuts in the hand not a high grade but lots of eye appeal
  7. im a bit confuddled where the grade fair comes in im working on poor fine very fine extra fine unc fdc :unsure: :unsure:
  8. these pics of the 1910 are better
  9. Pekris have you tried using a different coloured background.My first coin was done on a scanner and i think the toning shows up well.All i used was a yellow background
  10. I would call a coin something that was minted as legal tender
  11. This one? http://www.mycoincollection.co.uk/
  12. Well im using my scanner as i find using the camera a right pain as its either out of focus too much light etc etc
  13. Hi all well i finally started my collection with this edward vii florin If i've graded it correctly its "fine".More to come hopefully How do you all get such good quality pics up here
  14. No probs whatsoever im learning too
  15. Got a copy of spink,problerm i find is its just a list of prices with little to reference to as to what to expect a fine vf or ef to look like .So i think i will get some more books
  16. cheers all,paid £25 no really got the hang of this grading stuff yet.I'll just have to get some more to try
  17. pies

    engraved coins

    The value dosent really intrest me that much.im just amazed they managed to do the engraving :)Thanks for the welcome
  18. pies

    engraved coins

    Hi all newbie here just started collecting my first purchase was an assortment of 3d coins.Amongst them i found one engraved with the lords prayer hopefully ive attached the pic correctly i looks like it was done on an Edward VII 3d coin sorry about poor piccy