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  1. Hi Rob its a metal detector find from yorkshire (ebay) cost £117 weight 2.35g
  2. Lol I know where your coming from. I started on Edward vII florins then got a few of his shillings then a couple of vickys shillings then a couple of Edwards sixpences. Now I've just bought a Charles 1 sixpence
  3. Booo hiss booo! I wish I never said I was after Rob's shillings now You can have them as you let me have my florin :D :D
  4. Oi Mongo dont you go buying any more of my coins (I already have 1C) Those pics really help cheers
  5. Most of the time, but there are exceptions, and if a cross must be assumed to be deliberate which would help the accounting theory. That a very precise cross the lines are dead straight so not a casual act
  6. doubt they will come to market they are destined for a museam (sp)
  7. Sorry for defacing your website with my penny I can assure you it might happen again I hope you like these more my usual stuff The 1906 was from ebay (sorry) the 1902 was from penny crown coins Im grading the 1906 as VF and the 1902 as EF
  8. makers mark like they did on bricks These straws are getting very slippery
  9. How about weight adjustment at the mint Just clutching at straws
  10. could the scratches be to test the coin is silver
  11. Just bought one of these http://www.londonmintoffice.org/british-coins-britannia-penny/ Purely cos i like it.I know it overpriced and almost worthless and wont increase in value but i dont really care :D sorry all
  12. Sorry Chris they didnt take my fancy but your now short one 1925 shilling Not quite got the hang of inbetween grading yet have I
  13. Yep the 1902, but its mine all mine now. I think i to prefer the toned florins, as it defo gives more depth to the coin
  14. LOL the world's commonest coin! Still, if you like it, and you're happy to buy from a company that spells "wholly" as "wholey", who am I to criticise? Are you now enrolled in their £40 per month scam scheme? nope phoned up and stopped that lark before it started. i just liked the coin i have a few nice pennies but i dare not handle them.this one can live in the wallet if i like
  15. FWIW here's my 2p Buy coins you like and enjoy, this should be above way above all else Buy high grades only unless very rare An expensive coin can drop along way in value aswell as rise and the value could already be in the coin so potential to rise (above inflation)is weak, where as moderatly priced coins cant fall as much but have potential to rise further
  16. I can vouch for that! I think high grade Edward VII silver can be attractive and will hold its value I hope so
  17. This very true - for example *why* is the 1989 proof sovereign so expensive? Yes it has a one-off (and rather nice) design, but the mintage numbers are higher than some of the later proof sovereigns and the price is way more than the other one-off design years (2002, 2005 and now 2012). The reason - demand! People like the coin... I can explain the demand for the 1989 coin a bit.When collecting sovererigns it falls into many different catergories ie people collect by monarch, by reverse, by obverse etc. So lots more people chasing it
  18. Hi all your village idiot here Can you have a look at my 1861 shilling the first 1 in the date has a vertical line down the right which to me looks like a poor stamp Any ideas ?
  19. Cheers they seem to have done some weird stuff back then
  20. Why overstrike a 1 with a 1 how has that affected the value
  21. Hi all i know there are a few online coin dealers out in the www can u point me to some of the better ones ta