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  1. Sorry I'll call it an early strike (for now) really must buy a macro camers as its just a scan your looking at Can i call it AUNC or is it EF ? ta again
  2. Well here they are still unsure and that usually means it isnt still a nice coin IMHO
  3. Yes - a magnified scan knocks off up to a whole grade in my experience. So I'd say that was a clear EF. In hand it might prove even better. Well that sort of confirms my thinking to me in the hand it looks AUNC, from the scan it said EF cheers
  4. And it looks better in the hand than the scans show
  5. No was part of a small job lot with another top grade 1903 shilling and a 1903 florin,both genuine as far as i can tell.Im just amazed at how much stuff is being copied Got all three for a very good price so the two will be fine Hammer time
  6. Is there anything they havent copied, weight only 4.6g
  7. pies


    Welcome,you can learn a lot from most of the guys and girls here unfortunely not me
  8. pies

    The Brussels Hoard

    Content is fine - we probably thought it was just spam (looking at the original link), but if you have links to coin auctions online that you think we might be interested in, please go ahead. Sorry Peck but as rants go that's poor 2/10 As a P.S., the general American ignorance that there is an alternative way of spelling English - as used by the rest of the planet, and present company excepted of course - is fairly mind boggling. After all, we Brits know pretty much all the American English variants, so why shouldn't they know ours? Rant over.
  9. Its old F*** its old 460 years,god thats old wonder what stories it could tell
  10. I straightened up the second one and it looks fine so i think its just the pics
  11. Hi all does anybody know if there were any years which were generally weak strikes. cheers
  12. As i havent got an 08 i'll keep it I was a bit surprised as it was new pictures There is a nice 08 on ebay world £125 ish ive got hi res scans somewhere if you want them
  13. Same coin http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&hash=item2c6757c871&item=190712367217&nma=true&pt=UK_Coins_BritishMilled_RL&rt=nc&si=WO5O368QjvD%252BS9f6gYN3ZrzKe60%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1908-EDWARD-VII-SILVER-ONE-FLORIN-TWO-SHILLINGS-HIGH-GRADE-/190717827159?pt=UK_Coins_BritishMilled_RL&hash=item2c67ab1857
  14. Ok Peck i'll add to the plot.I was the under bidder on the first auction I never received an offer on the first auction. I won the second one and the coin is here with me now.I suspected shill bidding until I realised I was the underbidder
  15. Cheers Peck very informative
  16. For that kind of money i'd ask the seller for some high res pics first
  17. pies

    Underweight 1903 halfpenny

    If you have a scanner you can get some pretty good photos on them for zero effort
  18. pies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Apart from being - thankfully - a football-free zone, what on earth are the sports featured at 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock? Gymnastics and tykandwo
  19. pies

    Underweight 1903 halfpenny

    Im thinking its been in an powerful ultrasonic bath,this will errode and possibly blacken
  20. I think this is the thread http://www.predecimal.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6934&st=0&p=69897&fromsearch=1entry69897
  21. You might want the link below you can check any PCGS coin And this one comes back genuine http://www.pcgs.com/cert/
  22. Ive seen that finish on a few matte coins i guess its reacted with something.Nice coin but the price is way over the top for a 1902 IMHO
  23. pies

    Which do you prefer

    you can buy the bullion 21012 from chard for £273 http://www.goldsovereigns.co.uk/2012sovereigns.php
  24. pies

    Which do you prefer

    I'm not so sure that the normal rules of bullion value apply here. Unless I misread the Royal Mint website, only 2012 of these soverigns have been struck, making them considerbly rarer than any of the other designs in recent years. That's bound to lead to a premium, rather like the 1989 sovereign. However, the RM price is £450, whilst the bullion value is around £250-260, so the question is whether you will see any 'investment' value on the £450 paid. Personally, I doubt it over the medium term of say 10-20 years. After that maybe, but an awful lot depends on what happens to gold prices. I think you have mis read there are 750,000 for bullion.2012 special boxed with COA etc.Plus 5500 proof