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  1. Accumulator has the best website for displaying his coins ive done a few websites and his is fairly simple As in all things the simple ons are the best
  2. pies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1842-Shilling-VF-or-better-/271152448797?pt=UK_Coins_BritishMilled_RL&hash=item3f21f2051d Cant get that to VF
  3. I would class a mule as an error,it wasn't intended,but as quite a few got minted before anybody noticed or cared to repair the die numismatics have decided this counts as a variety as there are a few to collect
  4. Surely a variety was intended by the manufacture where as an error is not
  5. sorry id rather spend the money on something which looks a bit better
  6. Sorry but what do u think of this 1905 fooled me before it was dipped not that i owned it http://www.predecimal.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6753&st=0&p=65869&hl=+1905%20+shilling&fromsearch=1entry65869
  7. Cheers all I know its not the proof set I've learnt that much
  8. I missed out on a BU 1905. Had a great strike as well. Went for £103 my max was £100 which i thought was top end
  9. pies

    Wanted: 2007 Royal Mint Baby Edition

    Can't find one being minted in 2007 http://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/circulation-coin-mintage-figures/2007-dated-uk-collector-coin-sales
  10. I think both your 1906 & 7 are definitely better than average. The reverses of mine are truly awful, with typically shallow relief and very little detail to Britannia. Every now and then I look for something better, in fact I think there may be one on eBay at the moment, but haven't got around to upgrading yet. Paws
  11. Anyway we shouldnt be talking about Eddies pennies till monday there mine (hopefully)
  12. pies

    Room 101

    No Ads on Sky F1 during the race,and i cant think of there being many breaks for ads at all:)
  13. pies

    1865/3 Penny

    Such a tiny thing to spot
  14. I was the under bidder on the 1894 which went to the person a dealer i think,who bought most of the good stuff more fish in the sea so i bought a cheap florin of Derek
  15. I woud like to know the percentage of auctions won with bids in first minute compare to bids in last seconds
  16. pies

    Room 101

    Auction hoses postal charges,one recently wanted to charge me £5 postage plus £5.90 special delivery for a one penny coin
  17. The advantage of the sniper is you stop people rebidding.I see it constantly on ebay,this coin is an example of people coming back to rebid.Just about anything of quality on ebay is won with a snipe bid
  18. Close call ~ bad luck !!! edit: may have been a tactical error on your part to show your hand so early. I bet if you'd put in a last few seconds snipe you'd have got it at a much lower price. No doubt c***r made a manual snipe with 4 seconds to go. You're right.... But I was out for dinner and I can't really sit in a restaurant bidding If you use a sniper,Goofbay has a free one, set ur bid days in advance to snipe in last 5 secs
  19. pies

    Things are good

    Just got a nice little bonus A pay rise then a promotion and another rise All in one day, just had to share yep just done the lotto as well
  20. Hi all just trying to properly sort my pennies and im struggling can anybody confirm this is a Freeman 68 with dies 6 and H. Im grading it at VF does this sound about right
  21. Been puzzling me for a while why did they bother to overstamp dates