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  1. I've just acquired this (seller's pics) - I believe it to be S. 2764 1a2.

    It has wax on the reverse, presumably for cataloguing purposes back in the day - can anyone identify it as an example that may have appeared in a book/catalogue?

    Bit of a long shot perhaps, but thanks in advance!



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  2. 7 hours ago, JLS said:

    The other interesting fact I know about it is that the reverse design tells you where to get it redeemed ! Eaton's publishing house was based at the Cock and Swine, 74 Newgate Street, sadly long demolished. If you're interested in more about Eaton, there's a lot of academic literature which discusses his activities as his friends and clients were basically a who's-who of the radical political scene of 1790s London.

    Here's the front page of Eaton's edition of the Rights of Man, for reference, where he's "Citizen Daniel Isaac Eaton, Printer to the Supreme Majesty of the People". 

    So the printer was Eaton but the portrait is Thomas Paine?

  3. 29 minutes ago, Peckris 2 said:

    Is it the age-old problem of trying to photograph through a slab?

    It will lose some detail especially with a poor camera setup but the ear for example, no way is it MS63, just silly