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  1. 22 hours ago, Rob said:

    Not a clue, but best guess would be client no.640 wants one of these and the other bit could be and/or a price code, vendor and year of purchase. Could be a Baldwin's ticket, in which case 71 could be client number it was acquired from or alternatively it was acquired in 71. I don't know who Baldwin's 71 or 640 are.

    Thanks Rob - looks like Bull downgraded it to R2 in the latest edition, for what it's worth!

  2. 9 hours ago, Sword said:

    I wasn't just thinking about George V. I think 1887 and 1902 are also generally very well struck. First year of design use new dies. The mint would probably have shown more care.

    Neither do I. Will hopefully get one at some point. I love the first George V portrait and none of my current currency specimens has a fully struck observe. 

    The 1911 proofs are often very nicely toned, due, it is thought by many, to the materials in the box the set came in.

    Discussed and shown before, but here's mine - I think it's truly beautiful


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  3. 3 minutes ago, kildonan said:

    Sorry to put a spanner in the works! I don't think the SNC provenances are correct.  I read your post and was looking through old catalogues etc. seeing if I could find anything, and checked the 1985 and 1986 SNC's. The only coins that match the description (type 7, both priced at £850) are May 1985 no. 3086, pictured on p.140, and Oct. 1986 no. 6944, pictured on p.283. Neither of these are your coin (yours is nicer). Perhaps the seller simply meant these were other examples of the same dies? But the Spink 117 lot 359 provenance is correct (confirmed by picture), as is the 2016 one from Spink listed by Rob.

    Not at all, I much appreciate the spade work! I don't have the SNCs in question, are you able to display the pics from them at all?

  4. 6 hours ago, Rob said:

    I don't have anything more at the moment other than to say that Lloyd bought it in Spink 240 on 26th Sept 2016 for £620 hammer. As for prior to 1985, I suggest you might be on a hiding to nothing. York halfcrowns are too common to be extensively illustrated in old catalogues and even in good grade tended to be made up in bulk lots of 2-4 coins of the type until the last 30-40 years. Occasionally you get lucky, but even in this grade it's not a given. The only civil war halfcrowns that were routinely imaged were the W/SA and Chester issues. These two are more hit, whereas the other provincial mints are more miss. Unfortunately Besly's article is too late to be of use as it was written around the time when your provenance starts, so it won't be pushed back using a die pair description.

    It's a good coin and the same die pair as mine (2F) which is one of the scarcer combinations. I have 7 on the list including one with EBOR erased and one in the BM. Yours is an earlier strike than mine and possibly the best available. The flaw which develops below the horse's hoof through EBOR is barely a discolouration on yours. Whatever, for comparison see below.

    2F-RJP - Copy.jpg

    Many thanks Rob

  5. I'm finalising due diligence on this piece, here's the provenance the seller has provided but would like to know more about such a striking coin ... hoping someone can help? @Rob?

    The provenance so far is superb of course, I would like to go back further!


    Spink Numismatic Circular 1985 (£850)
    Spink Numismatic Circular 1986 (£850)
    Spink Auction 117, 1996 £605 hammer 
    ex Coins of Britain 2016
    Ex Maurice Bull Collection



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  6. 7 hours ago, BritishHammeredCoins said:

    Hi all,

    Just thought I’d introduce myself I’m new on the forums got recommended by a friend PaulW, I’ve been browsing and lurking in the shadows and I thought I’d make a post.. 

    I mainly collect Charles I tower mints but has interest in any Hammered coin don’t mind Irish and Scottish also..

    I also run a Facebook group with close to 6000 members all buying selling and trading British coins.

    ill try and do my bit to contribute the best I can but I am also still learning.



    Welcome! Let's see your best bits!

  7. I've just acquired this (seller's pics) - I believe it to be S. 2764 1a2.

    It has wax on the reverse, presumably for cataloguing purposes back in the day - can anyone identify it as an example that may have appeared in a book/catalogue?

    Bit of a long shot perhaps, but thanks in advance!



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