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Status Updates posted by Paulus

  1. Hi

    I'm interested in the 1888 groat you have listed on eBay (UIN 31693) - what's the very best you could do outside of eBay?


  2. Hi

    I'll post it if you email it to me, pdwhittingham60@hotmail.co.uk



  3. Hi Declan

    I would like to accept your offer of £117.50 all in, how would you like me to settle up?

    Kind regards


  4. Hi Declan

    There are a number of coins you have on eBay bI would like to mak you an offer for, some of these offers have been submitted via eBay (Starling69), it may be beneficial to both of us if we could come to an agreement for a price on a bulk lot?

    Kind regards


  5. Welcome 50%, I am Paul (Paulus) ... if you are getting in to collecting, and especially if you are really only 12, you have come to the right place to learn tons of valuable info in next to no time, enjoy!

  6. Hi

    I am interested in your Anne Vigo half crown, is it still for sale?