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  1. Debbie

    100K Posts

    We still need more ladies - then we could have more topics leaning towards shoes, shopping and six packs!
  2. Ah well why change the habit of a life time - make a slight change from something to do with motors or fishing .....
  3. Gosh and that was the winner?
  4. I guess if it is compatible with the old £ coin then they could phase it in gradually over several years, rather like the old 5P coin and the shilling.
  5. I like it. Wonder if it will still work in the current vending machines?
  6. Debbie

    Help With Shilling

    Peck that is almost as bad as my "Mr Benn" comment!
  7. And I take it that the charm has been working well for you Peter!
  8. Nice - and you can see just where its been touched the most. Nordie - I am constantly learning new things about coins too!
  9. Oh dear, yes sorry Patrick for hijacking your thread! I vaguely remember you talking about you painting war hammer figures when you were sorting out your bedroom or something along those lines I could (and still can) relate to the mess as my son is an avid collector. Richard I love the idea that you actually wear that touch piece. I have quite a few love token broaches pinned to various garments / hats and the like. They are almost always commented on – they all have a story to tell! Rob - so, do you have one for sale?
  10. I guess you would have already see this? http://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital%20BNJ/pdfs/1979_BNJ_49_11.pdf
  11. Oh the old "evil eye" I never understood why wearing such a creepy looking object was good luck. Surely though you would have a lucky sixpence or Mercury dime in your possession? Those angel gold coins look very nice though! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_(coin)
  12. Hi Richard ( and Peter), yes those do look interesting, and a whole new realm of history and research. However I still like the sound of your touch piece collection – as having that slightly more personal spin! Please do post up some example of those too.
  13. Debbie

    Goodbye Mr Benn

    Oops I thought you were referring to the bowler hatted cartoon character....
  14. Hi Peck, nice to hear from you too. I'm sure the last time I communicated with Patrick it was about Warhammer 40,000 BTW Patrick just thought if you are wanting to sell something you will need to have or have use of a bank account. Can you set one up before 18?
  15. Couldn't you just post a single smiley if you liked something?
  16. Debbie

    Happy Birthdays

    Morning gentlemen. Many thanks for the b/d wishes. I am hoping that 2014 is a better year and I can back to buying some coins!
  17. Debbie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Morning gentlemen, did someone mention engraved love tokens?! IMO that engraved coin - crude as it is- probably wouldn't be any further devalued as an engraved coin than in its worn state left as it was. Not that I particularly like it, but you would be surprised at the sums some people are willing to pay for the strangest of altered coins. Whether it’s desirable or not, one cannot deny that any later engraving or alteration is an obvious mark in the coin’s history and that’s the aspect which many of us set out to collect. I don’t mind worn coins that have been engraved, it appeals to my sense of romance that the coin was special at that time to the engraver and treasured for some time. As for telling definitively when a coin was engraved, well I suppose you can’t, many coins were engraved when the coin was already very old. However, I would like to think through research and experience one could gain the knowledge to make an informed choice on its authenticity and honest intentions. Anyhow whilst I am here I think you all need a little light relief so here’s some of my collection...
  18. Debbie

    Coin dreams

    I often have a dream where I find and pick up coins from the street,some of which are our currency and some of which are foreign. I suspect this has little to do with coins and more to do with money!
  19. Yes it could well be a love token made by one to give to another commonly to mark a “hatch, match or dispatch†situation. The engraving is quite crude and could’ve been done many years after the date on the coin. I agree with Tom that it could be of interest to American collectors as it is identifiable as an early British coin. Letters drawn the wrong way round and spelling mistakes are not unusual.
  20. That's easy for me as I only collect shillings and engraved coins which span lots of other denominations and currency. Perhaps an interesting question to ask would be what denominations prompted you start out collecting in the first place and why. I started with shillings because they were fairly common and easy to find (suited to date collecting which obviously kick starts lots of us on the road to collecting) yet and have an interesting story through history as the "common peoples coin". I also liked the fact that they have remained the same size for over 160 years and that they are silver and have some intrinsic value.
  21. Debbie

    1762 3d

    Rob, if you do a search on ebay there are a few examples on there.
  22. This looks as if it might be of interest..here
  23. And the best thing of all is that you don't necessarily have to spend very much to come by a coin that you would never part with!