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  1. Nice photo and fab coin! Thanks for that. I like how you can see the beading on the inner ring at the top looks doubled up - little things...
  2. Oh.....I see! Does that mean Accumulator owns one of the 3 1844's in existence?!! link
  3. I'm sorry that this is a bit off topic. but I have been meaning to ask you Accumulator...what IS that coin that you use as your avatar ?
  4. Debbie

    Best looking portraits on coins?

    Yes I have to agree with you there Stuart. The notion that money was once actually worth something.... such a romantic idea. And how many post decimal coins have been made into treasured keepsakes? I often wonder how much the melt value of the silver strip found in our £20 notes is currently worth?
  5. Perhaps what the original poster really meant to ask was Do you think coin collecting can become too addictive and do any of you feel in danger of spending a higher proportion of your income on coins than you feel you should?
  6. I don’t think the original question was totally irrelevant. It just reiterates how accessible coin collecting is and that the enjoyment gained is not necessarily proportional to the amount of money spent. IE it is affordable regardless of income.
  7. Snowing here ( Melton Mowbray ) but so far just about 2cm. We have cancelled a dinner date with friends as they are coming from Sheffeild.
  8. Debbie

    engraved coins

    Some nice examples there too. I like wondering about their unique stories behind them. I have some from the 1st and 2nd world wars with the names and rank nos. Of the men that engraved them which i find special too. I will have to upload later as i am not at my computer. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Debbie

    engraved coins

    I like some of those designs, the intricate floral ones especially. Did you come by these all together or have you collected them individually? It's interesting that they are all the same denomination. its a little frustrationg when there is no date on the engraved side don't you think?
  10. I see that there's another one appeared on Ebay. What do you think about this one? link
  11. Wow that is a lot of money... must be something about 1933... Tom your wife sounds like me when I give my husband his Christmas / birthday allowance to spend on tech!
  12. I'm sorry if this is a little off topic, but has anyone had any experience with these DVDs that are on EBAY at the moment? Here's an example that looks interesting. I have no idea whether any of the books listed are any good and the thought that there are 175 is a little mind boggling. Mind you it is from the Philippines...... ?
  13. That’s interesting Declan – I quite like the idea that you are constantly converting virtual money into the real stuff! Isn’t that why coin collecting is so brilliant – you can derive just as much please from collecting them no matter how little or much you choose to spend. Does anyone know what the most expensive coin sold to date is?
  14. I'm with Peck I love cats - no surprise there. However when cats, engraved coins and humour come together its brilliant! hahaha
  15. Up to about 9cm now and still snowing - interesting to see what it will be like in the morning. My boys are so excited they can't get to sleep...
  16. Where abouts in the country are you Colin?
  17. Debbie


    Exactly - and I bet it feels good to release them! (not ever having bought a slabbed coin you understand).
  18. Debbie


    For me it’s a bit like looking at a toy wrapped in its original packaging – yes highly desirable by some collectors, but makes me feel a little sad that it has never (and might not ever) forfill its original purpose…
  19. Debbie

    opions please

    Hello fellow forumers. I wondered what you all thought the initials were on this little love token I've got. WA , AM , HV, MV ...??? Its on the back of a 1891 seated liberty dime - not that that would have much influence, other than a reference to a coin!
  20. Debbie

    opions please

    That would be the first photo then. Yes you may well be right Stuart, it looks like most of the intials I have on coins are in alighnment with the other side.
  21. Debbie

    opions please

    Cool - this post has lead me on to learn lots more interesting bits. I have done a bit of research and discovered that monograms have specific rules and layouts
  22. Debbie

    opions please

    Ha ha very good! Gollum thanks for the suggestion, but I am not sure how helpful that would be given that I have come across some engraved coins that have been inscribed up to 80 years after the date on the coin. It’s weird to think that whoever altered the coin may have chosen it because it was old even then. I have never come across this style before (not that I am proclaiming to be an expert having only started collecting such coins a month ago!!) It might be due to the fact it is an American coin and purchased from over there. The Americans do seem to be more prolific in producing love tokens and the like and look to be slightly more elaborate with their designs.
  23. Debbie

    engraved coins

    Oh yes Peck. I just saw that as a single D. You know there could be a whole raft of new "coin intial identifiaction skills" out there to be learnt!