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  1. Definitely quiet, Paddy…there was a time you could barely keep up with the posts on here, tragic! It now feels rather decrepit tbh. Anyway, I too have recently been scouring the gold, but not seen anything yet that I like…at least not at a price I’d like to pay I did eventually buy the Marsh (Hill revision) book, though…a really nice thing I have to say!
  2. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    Nothing particularly special, but it ended up being a freebie, so I forgive it its faults (my iPhone images are of course even more unkind, it’s actually got a reasonably nice tone) 🙂 BCW LN-1A:d2 where one die is apparently/likely N over I and reading “REGNA” Quite nice in that respect!
  3. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    @Rob I wonder if the 4-10 hypotheses is correct, because I’ve just spotted another surviving REGNA coin for sale (not listed as such) from the same obverse die?
  4. Coinery

    The crazy world of Top pop buyers

    Never the Twain shall meet, thank goodness! We should celebrate and enjoy our differences because, unfortunately/fortunately, they can never have that party!
  5. 1700 William III with small round Os in date! This one’s tricky because, whilst I saw it and loved it, he’s not quite fitting in with the collection. Fabulous tone, though, and surely EF and maybe even better? iPhone images unfortunately!
  6. Wow, and you are holding it in your own hands! Fabulous acquisition, Paulus…class, m’friend!
  7. Wish I could help, Rob, but I’m also of that certain generation.
  8. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/img.php?a=165&l=2477&f=r&s=l Just found this example of Lis 26 in 1567
  9. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    Apologies, a lost day, yesterday! Thanks for the image, I can’t find any other REGNA coins on the internet, so really glad to see this one. Re 29 being a knackered 26…I don’t personally think so, the out-turned ‘shepherd-hook spurs’ on the petals of Lis 26 are very distinctive and not present on Lis 29 (1), even before it broke up (2). That’s not to say these punches couldn’t have been reworked, trimmed, tidied up, etc., to get another die out of them? Having said all that, though, Lis 26 looks to have held out into the summer of 1567 and still retains its ’spurs’ on your coin, and remained presumably ‘distinctive’ on the 1567 dated coins (LN-d1) too?
  10. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    It’s a good feeling, I feel the same when someone drops some runner beans or beetroot around
  11. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    Nice Any pictures handy? I’m guessing it must be rev LN-a2 I revisited the BCW reverse die chronology. Mine has Lis 29, which suggests the later die unless, of course, they switched back to Lis 26 after Lis 29 broke, which happened in less than a month, so quite feasible? The 1567 PM Lion rev dies were apparently only in use during May and June that year, so the margins of which came first are extremely fine to say the least. Really interesting couple of paragraphs beneath the Lion die-pairing section in BCW, which discusses it. Also in that section they propose only around 4-10 of the ‘true’ REGNA (rather than rotation anomalies) would remain in existence, so maybe not that common?
  12. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    Thank you, and absolutely right, never look a gift horse in the mouth. I really must get a decent camera again…my phone is amazing with some images, but absolutely shocking for capturing surfaces and colours in coins.
  13. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

  14. Copper insert on a pound coin would be really nice!
  15. Woah, this all seems a little out of character. Really bothers me when people are being unkind to each other!
  16. Coinery

    Various Hammered for ID/confirmation

    Here are some known counterfeits if that helps? Yours is clearly a different die from the ones shown, if that kick-starts the post for you?
  17. Coinery

    Storage of proof coins

    Just for the record, here…when I stated airtight in my earlier post, I wasn’t actually referring to slabbing. Rather any means to keep them in their current state because, presumably, you wouldn’t want to turn them into something else from bad storage? Not every coin tones attractively, so I guess you run that risk unless you find a way to keep them as is! For me I’d be looking at coin flips or capsules.
  18. Coinery

    Storage of proof coins

    Don’t take my word for it, though, I’ve only ever had a few proofs in my life, ever! Let’s see what everyone else says, they’ll definitely know more than I do The fields are ultra vulnerable to oxidisation but, when you come to think about it, there are a huge number of Maundy coins and proof sets that are really beautiful in their toned states! I still think I’d want to keep them ‘fresh,’ if you have a choice that is?
  19. Coinery

    Storage of proof coins

    I can’t imagine for a second that a cabinet would do? I’d be thinking you’d want these airtight? I would!
  20. I’ve just had my first look over your website…that’s a phenomenal body of work. Comprehensive doesn’t quite capture the immensity of it! Well done that man!
  21. Thank you, appreciate that