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  1. Spink’s description: “…lightly toned on a curiously light planchet, a pleasing very fine.”
  2. I once had one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321000179711?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 What's interesting, in light of this 2nd copy showing up, is that the cast coin was originally a plugged coin! I assumed initially that someone had contemporarily drilled my copy (thinking it to be a genuine coin to carry around the neck), and then a modern plug was added by someone, who also thought it to be genuine and worth plugging! Seems neither was the case! How odd to make a cast from a plugged coin, when there must have been better out there! I have emailed the seller. If there is no response, I shall pop the link into seuk's new list for 'the treatment'!
  3. This isn’t to say the spink coin is fake, it could again be the donor coin, though it too looks suspicious? The coin I had was fake, underweight, edge-seamed, and taken back by W&W at the time. There are green deposits on the Spink coin which could be copper deposits OR wax? I’m going to look over my browser history again, because I stumbled across an unusually high number of coins with same wax/copper deposits! Now, I just wonder??
  4. No, not the same item, but identical flaws, double-strike, etc. etc.
  5. Superb, many thanks again, and great re the updated document I think you’d be right about the supply scenario…I believe Tim’s name comes up as provenance, presumably on the back of SH’s ticket?
  6. Ahh, just bumped into a little issue with the attached document…it isn’t all of the entrants that have dates! Any thoughts on where Owen sits in the timeframe?
  7. Thanks, Rob. I guess it doesn’t add very much to the coin, historically speaking, but it does at least say the coin’s been through a couple of hands who really should know better, if it’s a copy?
  8. Many thanks, TG, much appreciated.
  9. In connection with another post, what would you say the provenance and timescale of this one is? And, unless it was lost, Chris C. hadn’t prepared a ticket himself?
  10. With just the one possibility that this could indeed be the original from which the others are cast?
  11. Interestingly I noticed another of these ‘plugged’ coins in the Comber sale, though I can’t imagine CC overlooked it himself? I wonder if he made any note of it on the ticket, I know St James’ never mentioned it in the description. Anyhow, I’ve just noticed it’s made an appearance on eBay! For the record, I’ve bought from this seller before and have found him completely above board, a genuine misunderstanding I think! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/395020461031?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=UtuevqZVSY2&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=qduwzHkQTWC&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  12. Coinery

    A comparison of two auction houses

    I don’t understand why, if all you have said about the poor-performing auction house is true, that you can’t just say who they are? Libel only applies if you are publishing lies, surely?
  13. Coinery

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Guy Fornquerne? Dear god is the blaggard French, the scoundrel…step forth and give account of yourself before I run you through with my bow of yew!
  14. Coinery

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Interestingly the name Richard also popped up when I was subscribing?
  15. Coinery

    A comparison of two auction houses

    I can barely believe it was that long ago I had to draw swords with an adversary! Wow, six years! I did fair take him in the joust and run him through with my sword! May the vanquished return so I might bid him well and wish him great merriment throughout this Christmas season! Compliments of the upcoming season to all!
  16. Coinery

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Is that the same The Coinery from this forum?
  17. Did it never cross your mind? Some people’s disposable annual income for numismatics exceeds my entire annual household income, gross! I marvel at it all…just wish I’d been a premiership footballer for a year!
  18. Thanks, Rob…beyond the call… I can’t imagine that amount of material will ever be amassed again, I hope it all stays together now you’ve put the legwork into acquiring it all!
  19. Coinery

    Harold II penny ID

  20. I guess the ink colour does suggest a connection with the variety? Many thanks, Rob, always appreciate your insights.
  21. Sorry to labour this, but at the top of the ticket where it says ‘77 B win,’ do you think the Roman numerals represent the £38 he paid? I haven’t seen enough of his tickets to know whether he’s done that before? All the other ones I have are much simpler, with much less detail.
  22. I’m guessing that all of Chris’ paperwork remains with his family, presumably having plenty of what we would call sensitive material connected with it, bank details, fees, charges, transfers, etc., quite likely too much for his family to go through and vet. Might even be easier to burn such stuff? I’d however love to read the background information and footnotes accompanying a couple of the numbers I currently have.