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  1. All sorted, gents, thank you!
  2. Absolutely love it! Happy New Year!
  3. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I personally stopped wasting my time messaging eBay a long, long, time ago! I treat it now for what it is, its own little mini government, and all the flaws that come with being that!
  4. Just to add, a £100-£150 coin would do too
  5. Coinery

    Elizabeth I Maundy Coinage

    Jerry I hate you! I’ve trawled the eBay rubbish for years, and recently added Penny-checks to my list, and definitely never even saw that one, I would’ve remembered the double-strike obverse. A nice Christmas present, I salute you Sir, and look forward to my own addition to this post! That’s got to be the clearest acorn/eglantine reverse MM you’ll see…buy a lottery ticket for Saturday!
  6. How much coin would, say, Elizabeth Tudor have given out as Maundy coinage, and how much of that coinage would’ve actually been handled by, or been in direct possession of, the queen? How would the ceremony have worked/happened? Would it have been mixed denominations, or just pennies? I’ve recently learned that pennies were given out as Maundy, would there be others? Many thanks in advance!
  7. Many thanks, TG, appreciate it I already have some photo corners, now, though…just need to wait for my leather folder on the 25th and then I can show you my little OCdea.
  8. I’ve got a leather 12-card- flips-per-page folder coming from Santa, that takes the attached pages with white interleaves. I have this idea of fixing paper envelopes on the white card interleaves behind the coin to hold things like dealer tickets, etc., but also so I can print out, in a new modern style, all the relevant info. on my own new adhesive ticket that’s cut to fit the front flip of the coin envelope (as drawn in blue), but where are the stamp corners we all had as kids?
  9. I’ve been waiting for this Compliments of the season to you. Plus a warm and hearty season’s greeting to each and every one of you on here!
  10. Similar, just a little less yoghurty! Hopefully the image of photo corners will explain it better, you can obviously buy clear ones too? As kids we used to do something similar with stamps, except they were tiny grease-proof-paper-like corners, very fiddly. Basically, they’re little corner pockets that allow you to fix something to a page without damaging the thing itself.
  11. Strange that I couldn’t find them, whereas I found photo-corners a-plenty! The photo ones are perfect for the job, as would’ve been the stamp corners, I’m sure, had I been able to locate them 😊 Compliments of the season to you!
  12. Of course! I’m not thinking laterally at the moment! Thanks very much
  13. Coinery

    Richard II? Henry IV Penny? Hammered Identification

    If you’d been on here 7 years ago there would’ve been four or five knowledgeable people all over your post…there’s probably only one or, if you’re extremely lucky, two people who could even contribute today! Good luck, it’s a decent post!
  14. Coinery

    Charles I Angel and medallions

    Oh my goodness if technology could ever look upon her face!
  15. Coinery

    Charles I Angel and medallions

    Thinking about how I might just trip along to this auction in January, I noticed the BP at 37% - I know we all bid accordingly, but that’s greed in excess, surely?
  16. Coinery

    Richard II? Henry IV Penny? Hammered Identification

    I no longer have the material to pin these things down, but if anyone collects in this area they’ll recognise it in an instant, there’s enough to go on, especially with that crude open crown. I’ll be interested to see what pops up, but the general feel of the bust makes it Richard all over to me? I could easily be two monarchs out, though, quite easily, maybe three!
  17. Coinery

    Charles I Angel and medallions

    Me neither, but I do so love these historic things! I bought a cracked plaster/mould of Elizabeth I from, I’m told, a GIII fire surround, that was subsequently framed in an extravagant Victorian black frame…I absolutely loved/and still love it! Also, looking through ‘the sale room’ for Elizabeth material, I stumbled across a couple of food boxes for sale in Wiltshire…how bloody amazing is that? Just to sit beside these wonderful things!
  18. Coinery

    Charles I Angel and medallions

    What about Elizabeth one’s?
  19. I once had one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321000179711?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 What's interesting, in light of this 2nd copy showing up, is that the cast coin was originally a plugged coin! I assumed initially that someone had contemporarily drilled my copy (thinking it to be a genuine coin to carry around the neck), and then a modern plug was added by someone, who also thought it to be genuine and worth plugging! Seems neither was the case! How odd to make a cast from a plugged coin, when there must have been better out there! I have emailed the seller. If there is no response, I shall pop the link into seuk's new list for 'the treatment'!
  20. Just to say that the eBay, ex Comber, shilling has just gone over £200, which is more than I want to pay for a pitted and holed coin, Lis or not, especially when there are other lots upcoming! I’m personally happy that it’s the shilling from which the other coins were cast, if that’s an element that gives it a nice pirate value, and some added numismatic interest? I didn’t share it here at the time, but I later noticed plenty of red wax in the reverse legend, further adding, along with its weight and general sharpness, to its likely authenticity. Good luck if this interests anybody!
  21. I don’t want to derail the thread here too much, but thanks for that, some good approaches…it would be impossible otherwise!
  22. Quick question re this point. I ask because I’m compiling a catalogue of the Elizabeth I anchor shillings, and would ultimately want to put it out there! What do you do re gathering photos from the net, as it’s sometimes near impossible to track the source or get permission from the original photographer?
  23. It’s superb irony, after just reading City have more than 100 alleged breaches of the same rules, that are still awaiting verdicts! There’ll be some squeaky shorts out there this winter, that’s for sure!
  24. Spink’s description: “…lightly toned on a curiously light planchet, a pleasing very fine.”